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  1. They should change their name to “Gatorham.”

    1. haha nice 1

  2. Ignoring the nose (first of many). The side pods are much smaller and close to the red bull standard. I see they have abandoned the Blade roll hoop like Mercedes did last year and now have a circular intake like the new Ferrari is rumured to have aswell. This is an ugly car but to me looks to be another step up the grid performance level.

  3. they probly all be uly withe the lower nose and bulkhead rules,who’s there second driver has petrov been confirmed yet.i would like to se rubens in this

  4. A nose worthy of Robert Kubica.

  5. That’s Fiat Multipla with wings.

  6. I think these are fake personally. They look computer generated and no – one would make such a hideous looking car surely!

  7. So it appears that 2012 is set to see the ugliest cars in f1 history which to me is extremely sad. I understand that the cars are always designed within the limits of the formula but the imposition of the lowered nose for safety reasons seems to have generated a shape which does not reflect the laws of aerodynamics and therefore lacks the beauty that we associate with formula one cars. This looks low tech and agricultural. For all the their appendages at least the pre-09 cars looked cutting edge and in my opinion more pleasing than this. If the noses had to be lowered couldn’t they have been lowered to the ground as in the early 92 when as a 12 year old I was attracted to f1 partly by the beauty of the cars. Can f1 really afford to lose that element of its appeal?

  8. Another illustration of the FIA not thinking through the results of a new regulation. Anyone hoping that this is going to be the odd one out will be disappointed, in the days of ” downforce is everything” the old adage of “If it looks right it is right” are long gone.

  9. I didn’t think it was possible, but it could be the worst looking car I’ve seen in quite some time, and then even includes this abomination in 96 http://tinyurl.com/4q7rfts

    1. The 96 Ferrari looks positively beautiful against this abomination

  10. If it’s fast! Who cares… It’s built to do a job, not look pretty. Personally I really hope they’re up there with the midfield this year. They’re making all the right moves, unlike Marussia and HRT.

    1. Maybe the only person on here speaking sense! The car is built to win, if that means it’s shaped like this then who cares! If you see it dicing with the midfield or higher the shape of its nose will not be the topic of conversation in the media for long! Hope it can perform! Caterham for the WIN!

  11. I guess it’s just the angle making it look ****… http://www.welt.de/multimedia/archive/01341/f1hrt_DW_Sport_BAR_1341753p.jpg compare the 2011 HRT, the nose is pretty much similiar, and it cleary wasn’t an ugly car.

    I’m sure it’ll look much better when they reveal the car today and show more pictures.

  12. She looks great in the dark light at 2:00 am in the nightclub, unfortunately she’s gonna look a lot worse in the morning.

  13. As always in F1 two groups of people were not considered when this was given the green light. The drivers and the viewing public. It’s been proven often enough tht the nose up is not working for drivers. And personally I don’t want to see slower and uglier cars.

  14. This is clear indication that something is badly wrong with FIA.

  15. Keith C in NY
    26th January 2012, 15:36

    Looks as though it has inherited a bit of Lotus 18?

  16. Flavio Briatore
    26th January 2012, 17:04

    U G L Y

  17. The first thing I thought when I saw this was “Thunderbirds are go!” I hope it’s fast, because it certainly isn’t pretty.

  18. Wow, I thought the new Dallara Indycar was ugly..

  19. There has to be a smoother transition while maintaining aero performance… this cannot be the best solution to the new regulations… if you notice, the step-effect is amplified by the side walls that are even higher for the wheel bars to hook. A possible solution would be a) give the mid-part a steeper angle = gets rid of the step-effect, and b) instead of building side walls to hook the wheel bars, build just one in right in the middle (so the two bars meet in the middle) = at least from the side view, you would have a much smoother-looking aero… Again, not sure but I hope another team will come up with a more creative solution to comply to the new regulations (which you cannot really blame as they give priority to safety…)

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