Caterham CT01 images revealed early

2012 F1 cars

The first pictures of the Caterham CT01 have appeared ahead of its official publication tomorrow.

Images taken from the current issue of F1 Racing have been posted online.

Caterham later issued an official image of the new car. The CT01’s distinctive stepped nose is a consequence of new rules aimed at lowering the noses of the cars.

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2012 F1 cars

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235 comments on Caterham CT01 images revealed early

  1. bgrade (@bgrade) said on 25th January 2012, 11:24

    um, yeah, i’m sure we will all grow to accept the new look, kind of like the way we love our ugly pets.

  2. looks ok side-on at least!

    • Girts (@girts) said on 25th January 2012, 11:39

      Yeah, as long as the races are held during nights and the cars ain’t get filmed from the front, the 2012 season has every chance of becoming a true beauty contest :)

  3. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 25th January 2012, 11:26

    It’s not actually that bad from the side. The drop is still there, and it’s still noticeable, but it doesn’t have the same shock as the three-quarter view.

    Also, notice the wide sponsorless space on the sidepod …

  4. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 25th January 2012, 11:27

    Do Caterham know that this picture were published??? what’s wrong with the nose???

  5. JK (@justingt5) said on 25th January 2012, 11:28

    Just as ScarbsF1 said a 2012 car would look like pretty much. Not a fan of that new nosecone though. It just looks stupid!!!!. Nice job on the side pods, very neat. A nice RBR looking engine cover, with the large tail funnel open at the back to vent air onto the lower plain of the rear wing.

  6. djdaveyp85 (@djdaveyp87) said on 25th January 2012, 11:29

    The sidepods seem very interesting and is it just me or will that little lip between the nose and bulkhead generate downforce right over the front axle?

    It looks different, but very interesting. I this car could pop them into the mid-field. I hope it does, the big gulf to the back runners is getting annoying!

  7. Nikos said on 25th January 2012, 11:35

    This car looks like it borrowed Alain Prost’s nose.

  8. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 25th January 2012, 11:37

    Looks good from the side. I have a problem with the yellow stripe at the back though, looks completely out of place. Why not have it running with the lines of the car? They could even just do away with it and have the stripe on the front running around the cockpit and over the airbox and engine cover.

  9. I… erm… quite like it actually. That design definitely has character.

  10. BBT (@bbt) said on 25th January 2012, 11:44

    Its OK, most will be like this, we’ll grow to love them when they race

  11. Please god… don’t let the mclaren be as ugly as this….

  12. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 25th January 2012, 11:45

    I saw this image posted over at Autosport, showing how the other cars might look. And honestly, they’re not as bad as first expected. I think the problem with the CT-01 is that the front of the nose is flat, but everyone else might go for a bit of an angle, and so they all end up looking like the Virgin VR-01.

    • WillP said on 25th January 2012, 14:43

      Am I reading that image correctly in thinking that last season’s McLaren would have been pretty much compliant with the new regs already?

      In that case, it doesn’t have to look as awful as this Lot… Caterham.

      • Tom Haxley (@welshtom) said on 25th January 2012, 14:52

        They are pretty close thats for sure.

        The standout (or not) of the mclaren is the top of the bodywork is already below the top of the wheel – something different from all the other cars by the looks.

        Hopefully they wont have to change it too much so it still looks nice :)

  13. BBT (@bbt) said on 25th January 2012, 11:46

    PS I don’t see the point of the new nose(s) if they are going to have a step and be horizontal and not slope down. Its still pretty high really.

    • Roald (@roald) said on 25th January 2012, 11:56

      Exactly, the FIA probably did not expect this… if anything, a nose like this one looks even more like a stabbing weapon than they did last year.

      Also, it’s painfully obvious how the FIA are making the cars uglier year by year, just looking at the front page. The Renault R30 with Raikkonen in it looks brilliant compared to this hideous thing.

  14. BBT (@bbt) said on 25th January 2012, 11:48

    I’m still trying to work out what is going on with those sidepod

  15. sato113 (@sato113) said on 25th January 2012, 11:51

    @keithcollantine what do you mean these images are revealed early? the f1racing mag with them in it arrived on my doorstep today!

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