Caterham CT01 images revealed early

2012 F1 cars

The first pictures of the Caterham CT01 have appeared ahead of its official publication tomorrow.

Images taken from the current issue of F1 Racing have been posted online.

Caterham later issued an official image of the new car. The CT01’s distinctive stepped nose is a consequence of new rules aimed at lowering the noses of the cars.

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2012 F1 cars

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235 comments on Caterham CT01 images revealed early

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  1. suffolk (@suffolk) said on 25th January 2012, 18:06

    It looked like a PR coup for Caterham to reveal its new design well in advance of the other teams. They now find themselves having to take all the negative flak associated with exposing the 2012 “ugly” technical regulations. It now appears to be a very brave decision.

    No wonder the teams have not been falling over each other attempting to break cover first.

  2. Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 25th January 2012, 18:15

    It has some kind of charm, If youre into strage noses like that!

  3. And I tought I have seen all when the BMW 2009 was launched. This is worse. Awful.

    What the fu%k are you doing with F1?

  4. Jezson (@jezson) said on 25th January 2012, 18:39

    Oh dear, that IS ugly. Look at the shape of it!… It looks like an unfortunate whale. It’s bloody long too.

  5. ShaneB457 (@shaneb12345678910) said on 25th January 2012, 19:44

    It reminds me of those finger biscuits..

  6. Hairpin (@hairpin) said on 25th January 2012, 20:10

    @ Randy – I’m sure sticking with that fugly nose was a very difficult decision.

    That’s the rules this year.

  7. Rob Wilson (@rob-wilson) said on 25th January 2012, 21:36

    On first glance it looks horrendous, but now iv’e been coming back all day to have another look, i’m already getting used to it, it just takes some getting used to that’s all.

    I remember being angry when the 2009 cars were testing because i thought they were so ugly and it was ruining F1, but after time you don’t even notice, this will be the same. Shock at first, indifferent in a couple of months.

  8. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 25th January 2012, 22:43

    Oh Jesus.

    It isn’t just the nose that’s ugly for me – it’s everything else too! I think a better organised livery would have helped a lot too.

    It’s not so much the step that happens on the nose for me, but the actual the tip of the nose is. That does it for me.

  9. Lotus49 (@lotus49) said on 25th January 2012, 22:50

    My grandson drew a racing car the other day, with his new set of crayons. I have it on the fridge door now. Do you think I will be able, on his behalf, sue Caterham for copyright infringement? ;¬)

  10. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 25th January 2012, 22:51

    Who’s waiting for the announcement from the FIA that’s they’re thinking of changing the rules for noses now the cars have been built? It affects aerodynamics, of course…

  11. manatcna (@manatcna) said on 25th January 2012, 23:50

    I’ll just be happy to see all the cars racing.

  12. montreal95 (@montreal95) said on 25th January 2012, 23:51

    Ugly isn’t even the word to describe this monstrosity. However some seventies cars were even uglier IMO. So let’s stay positive and believe there are better times ahead.

  13. manatcna (@manatcna) said on 26th January 2012, 0:28

    Why are they showing No 20 on the car (image)?

  14. MinusTwo (@minustwo) said on 26th January 2012, 2:37

    Personally, the main thing that struck mother than the nose, was the level of detail on the front wing… Looks like Caterham has a bigger aero budget than last year.

  15. Harvs (@harvs) said on 26th January 2012, 4:08

    Its all Neweys fault!

  16. F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 26th January 2012, 8:17

    when i heard “low noses for 2012″ i was hoping for something like the great williams fw14b (contender best looking f1 car of all time). was it 2009 people were last outraged by ugly cars? i’m thinking of you, renault. before that, it was years of hideous wiglets, flip-flaps and doo-dads. very few recent cars in any category have been pleasing to the eye – the peugeot 908 and the new toyota, but definitely not the audis.

  17. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 26th January 2012, 8:23

    Nice livery, I especially Luke the numbers.

    The nose does look really, really bizarre. Just no fluidity to the CT01.

    Looking forward to seeing if this will be an ongoing trend.

  18. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 26th January 2012, 17:03

    That nose is uglier than mine. :o

  19. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 27th January 2012, 5:57

    This picture explains this car thoroughly;

  20. Tom (@) said on 1st February 2012, 19:16

    Shame it doesn’t have mudguards, like a Caterham 7.
    Aren’t they allowed in F1?!

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