4 comments on “Pirelli’s 2012 F1 tyre range”

  1. No stripe over the tyre to see from onboard camera?

    1. While onboard, You’ll get to see the colors on the inside wall of the tires.

  2. what does the blue (wet) tyre say on it and what does it translate to because its not p-zero i can tell you that

    1. @brt113 Cinturato – it was one of the brands Pirelli used on its F1 tyres in the 1950s. According to the press release they sent out yesterday:

      The Cinturato made its debut in 1951 on Juan Manuel Fangio’s Alfa 159, taking him to championship victory, and was often seen on the podium along with another Pirelli tyre: the Stella Bianca, which was fitted to the Maserati and the Ferrari 375. The Cinturato competed in Formula One right up to the mid 1950s, after which it became a road car tyre for the most sporting and technically advanced cars of the day.

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