Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Interlagos, 2011

Pirelli deny rumours of test role for Petrov

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In the round-up: Pirelli’s Paul Hembery denies claims the tyre manufacture will enlist Vitaly Petrov as a test driver.


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Paul Hembery on Twitter

“Just to clarify Vitaly [Petrov] is here as a guest. We do not have a test car never mind talking test drivers. So no truth in rumours.”

Petrov expects F1 decision in next week (Reuters)

“I want to stay in F1 because if I lose one year then it will be very difficult to come back and to take some places for 2013. So it is important to stay.”

Q&A with Pedro de la Rosa (Autosport)

“I have no idea who could be or who is going to be [the other HRT driver]. From day one I’ve always said that I don’t care. What I do want is that it is a driver who can work as a team and who is not obsessed with beating his team-mate as his only goal.”

Caterham first to launch 2012 car after images leaked online (BBC)

Gary Anderson: “The Caterham’s nose looks pretty stupid – but everyone’s going to be heading in that direction.”

The art of fibbing (Grand Prix)

“I go to Frank [Williams] and, choosing my moment carefully – after all, he is trying to win the 1982 championship with Keke Rosberg – I explain that [Derek] Daly and I need to write this column and not look stupid. Could he therefore give me an off-the-record heads up on whether or not Daly would be staying? Frank said Daly was looking good for Williams in 1983. At least, that?s what I thought he said. In fact, knowing what I know now, he didn?t say it exactly.”

Manish Pandey on Twitter

“Universal are working very hard for a short iMax release of Senna too.”

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Comment of the day

I think Chalky did the best job at articulating the mass revulsion at the new Caterham:

Oh My, very odd! I?m sure my kids could build something prettier in Lego.

I know they have to go by the FIA regulations, but it?s looks like they split the cars parts up to different teams and they all came into one warehouse and fitted them together without telling each other what they were making.

Normally I now say “Can?t wait to see what XXXXX looks like”, but I?m not sure now.

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