Vitantontio Liuzzi, HRT, Abu Dhabi, 2011

Liuzzi admits he may lose HRT seat to pay driver

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In the round-up: Vitantonio Liuzzi says HRT “might be forced to look for a driver that brings money.”


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‘Money is the key’ (ESPN)

“At the moment the team has been clear to me; it’s a difficult period in terms of money so they are trying hard to find sponsors to be able to run me as per the contract. But in the case that they are struggling then they might be forced to look for a driver that brings money.”

Kimi Raikkonen primed for Formula One comeback with Lotus (BBC)

“I was expecting it to feel faster than it was. OK, Valencia is not the fastest circuit, but it was still pretty normal.”

Mario Andretti via Twitter

“Hey Rubens Barrichello, good luck at the Sebring test. Hope you’ll like it enough to join IndyCar. Tony Kanaan will be a great mate!”

Barrichello had a seat fitting at KV Racing yesterday.

Paul Seaby via Twitter

“The new Lotus F1 fired up successfully at 1.12pm… All systems good! Bring on the first test!”

Caterham poised for Arden tie-up (The Checkered Flag)

“An internet search for ‘Arden Caterham Motorsport’ reveals that Arden Motorsport Limited were renamed Arden Caterham Motorsport Limited in November 2011.”

Q&A with Kazuki Nakajima (Autosport)

“I haven’t given up on going back to F1; I’ve always said that. This is going to be another challenge and something different.”

Sky Sports News announces 2012 plans

“Rachel Brookes and Craig Slater will be broadcasting ‘up to six days of coverage from each Grand Prix, with on-site reports beginning each Tuesday’.”

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Comment of the day

K. Rieke objects to the reduced scope for development in F1:

I liked the cars of the 1980s, and also the clean ones of the 2000s. But my favourites were the 1970s, because of the variety and individual creativity by the designers that was allowed ?ǣ encouraged ?ǣ by the rules.

The trend of the rules now dictating that all the cars look so alike is stifling what makes F1 interesting for me, which is the technical high-wire acts that the teams used to conduct to come up with a unique solution to the problem of “getting to the chequered flag first.”
K. Rieke

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Shelley Lee and TNFOX!

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On this day in F1

Fifty years ago several top F1 drivers were racing in New Zealand. Bruce McLaren won the Teretonga Trophy driving on home ground.

Driving a Cooper, he started on pole position ahead of Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham, and they finished in that order.