Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Valencia, 2012

Caption competition 3: Kimi Raikkonen

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Valencia, 2012
Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Valencia, 2012

Kimi Raikkonen made his long-awaited return to F1 this week with a two-day test for Lotus in Valencia.

But as much as he might relish being back in F1 machinery, Raikkonen has never had much time for the media demands that go hand-in-hand with being a professional racing driver.

What might he have had to say to the press on his return to F1 this year? It’s over to you to supply the caption.

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  1. “…and when they said they’d provide a fully stocked ice-cream van to every race, I signed there and then!…

  2. “So Kimi, you’ve certainly seen the new car already; Do you have any comments on iit?”

    “Yeah, they forgot an ice-cream holder”

  3. Lotus man desperately presses the remote control, as Kimi appears to have frozen.

  4. Interviewer: “Hey Kimi, how are you doing? Ready for this year?

    Inside Kimi’s head: I’m doing well, it’s been a pleasure getting back into an F1 car. It will obviously be a challenge acclimating, but I feel up to it and look forward to competing once again. Naturally, I’d like to be driving this or last years car instead. The rules are rules, though, and we at Lotus believe in fair play. But if Schumacher can do it after being gone for so many years, I’m sure I can adapt to a couple missed seasons. If anything, I think the hunger in me is stronger than ever and I won’t disappoint my fans and my team with everything I’ll be putting into my drives this year.

    Kimi: Fine. Yes.

      1. winner for me. very funny

  5. Mike Gascoyne says…”Kimi, can we improve your finish?” Kimi says…”No, I am from Finland, my Finnish is fine”!! (and yes I know he already said that years ago!) #:)

    1. Mike works for Caterham :) different Lotus

  6. interviewer: Well Kimi, it must be great to be back… I think this is the most exited I’ve ever seen you

  7. ‘well i was never happy with the colour of the Ferrari… so I was pleased to see that the Lotus colour scheme matched my personality.’

  8. Once again, Kimi told interviewers he was taking a ****…

  9. Back in Black

  10. In an attempt to improve Kimi’s media image for 2012, Renault have carefully assembled a lifelike “robotic” Kimi just for FIA press interviews. Here we have a unique ‘behind the scenes’ shot of “robotic” Kimi & operator in a test run.

  11. Interviewer – “Kimi, who do you see yourself beating this year. Obviously you will be fighting with Di Resta and Hulkenberg for points but do you see yourself troubling the Merc’s and possibly even Massa?”

    Kimi – “Massa is on the grid?”

  12. “ok so i talk to you for 5 minutes then you hand over the £100,000 and 2 cases of smirnoff”

  13. “So Kimi, tell me why you decided to return to Formula 1”
    “Mumble, mumble, mumble, undecipherable string of words, mumble, money, blah, blah, money, mumble, mumble, blah, blah, blah”

  14. The wire coming from Kimi’s leg wasn’t the only sign that Kimi was a robot…

  15. “… and so I just went back to the motorhome for a choc ice”

  16. Interviewer: “Kimi, what are your expectations this season?”

    Kimi: “At least 19 parties!”

  17. Lotus Position

  18. Kimi caption: Kimi ‘A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions. Go now young grasshopper.’

    1. haha good stuff

  19. “Kimi can’t contain his excitement upon his return to F1 this year”

  20. Raikkonen mumbles “I want an ice cream or i’m not saying anything”

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