A relieved Hamilton back on top of the podium

Whitmarsh: Hamilton is “his own sternest critic”

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A relieved Hamilton back on top of the podium
A relieved Hamilton back on top of the podium

In the round-up: Martin Whitmarsh defends Lewis Hamilton’s performance in 2011.


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Whitmarsh: McLaren intent on adding to title tally in 2012 (F1)

“Such is the level of his ambition that he?s his own sternest critic. Sometimes, therefore, when things don?t go quite right for him, he lets it get to him. We saw that last year sometimes.”

Raikkonen: there’s nothing better than an F1 car (James Allen)

“I was a little concerned about finding the sport had really moved on. But frankly, on Monday and Tuesday I wasn?t surprised. I didn?t feel any difference.”

Pre-season feelings: Mario Andretti (GP Update)

“[DRS] is somewhat artificial – especially the way that it is regulated. With the way it is allowed to be used, it seems like the driver you are trying to overtake is naked.”

Roberto Mieres dies aged 87 (Autosport)

“Mieres, who started 17 world championship grands prix during the early 1950s, passed away in Uruguay, where he had lived for a number of years.”

Serious questions behind the F1 glitter (Joe Saward)

“The situation at Force India is worrying in that it is a team with no visible means of support.”

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Valencia, 2012
"So Kimi, what are your comments about the test?" "I was quickest."

Once again we had many great suggestions for our Caption Competition.

I particularly liked the suggestions from Martyn and MatthewF1.

But my favourite, which you can see on the picture here, came from Saiesh.

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