Rubens Barrichello, IndyCar, Sebring, 2012

Barrichello begins IndyCar test at Sebring

F1 Fanatic round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Rubens Barrichello, IndyCar, Sebring, 2012
Rubens Barrichello, IndyCar, Sebring, 2012

In the round-up: Rubens Barrichello tests for IndyCar team KV Racing at Sebring.

Barrichello joined friend and fellow Brazilian Tony Kanaan at the two-day test.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Barrichello and his first lap! (YouTube)

Barrichello has no plans beyond 2-day IndyCar test (Associated Press)

“I have been a racer for too long to just give it all away right now. I have a lot of speed in myself. I know that and I want to continue to race.”

KV Racing via Twitter

“Tony Kanaan leaves pits for the first time and stalls, Rubens Barrichello says ‘last time I get advice on car from TK’.”

McLaren dismisses PURE rumours (Autosport)

“McLaren has had absolutely no contact with PURE for many months. Moreover, the contact we did have with PURE, many months ago, was of an entirely informal nature, and was merely a courtesy gesture.”

Sutil apologises in court for Lux attack (Reuters)

“‘I did everything to try to settle this row,’ Sutil told the court, adding he had even offered to support a Lux charity project in Africa.”

Bahrain has failed to grasp reform ?ǣ so why is the grand prix going ahead? (The Guardian)

“Reporters Without Borders has just named Bahrain one of the world’s top 10 most repressive regimes, while Freedom House downgraded Bahrain from ‘partly free’ to ‘not free’.”

Interesting to note Reporters Without Borders ranks China, which of course is another F1 host nation, below Bahrain.

Nico Hulkenberg's helmet
Nico Hulkenberg's helmet

Nico Hulkenberg via Twitter

Hulkenberg’s 2012 helmet design.

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Comment of the day

Beneboy was not moved by my optimistic view on the season ahead:

I?m finding it increasingly difficult to get even a little bit excited about the start of the season.

Ugly cars, stupid rules, artificial overtaking, boring circuits and a complete denial of reality from FIA/FOM/Teams that the main problem with F1 is that the cars have become so dependent on aerodynamics that the driver is almost an irrelevance and that the racing has become close to non-existent without the use of artificial devices such as DRS and silly tyre rules.

I?m in the process of moving home at the moment and I?m struggling to decide if I want to get Sky or not, I do like other sports that they show but the only reason it?d be worth paying for is to get Sky F1 HD but I?m struggling to justify spending hundreds of pounds to watch a sport that has become one big corporate middle finger aimed directly at the fans.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sharan!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

We were treated to a trio of launches on this day last year: Renault, Sauber and Lotus unveiled their new cars on the same day:

148 comments on “Barrichello begins IndyCar test at Sebring”

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  1. This sounds promising:

    McLaren are preparing themselves for a fight over the MP4-27’s legality.

    1. I wonder why this has since been removed, cant see it anywhere on the site now.

    2. Geoff McGrath said that the car has innovations that are evident from first time you see it
      the RB7 was also very innovative last year with the EBD but the red bull team didn’t say that there were doubts about it’s legality!!!!!!!!!!
      i don’t know what the word ”innovative” mean in Mclaren’s dictionary but i think this is a big risk to take especially when we know that the FIA is intended to ban every controversial innovation

      1. that the FIA is intended to ban every controversial innovation

        Unfortunately for Mclaren this has been the trend :/

      2. RBR knew perfectly well that their car was illegal on many points. That they didn’t openly state so doesn’t mean they weren’t prepared for legality issues.

  2. I thought Rubens had promised his wife he would never race on ovals?

    Perhaps he might share a ride.

  3. Thanks for the COTD @keithcollantine, and thanks to all those who agree or disagree enough to post their thoughts; I was expecting to get flamed and have my fanatic credentials questioned after posting it but it appears I’m not the only one who’s finding it difficult to get excited about the sport these days.

    I think this season may be a game changer for British F1 fans; we’ve all become accustomed to getting F1 for “free” (TV tax aside) but now that we’re being asked to pay hundreds of pounds for the right to watch all of the races live I suspect that many people will find that what used to be an annoyance with the way the sport is run is now enough to stop them paying to watch the races which could result in them following the sport in a less than fanatic manner, or not at all.

    I can’t remember the last time I failed to watch a race live (excluding falling asleep during a boring Tilke GP) but I now find that I’m faced with a decision to spend hundreds of pounds to watch all of the races live, watch half live and half as re-runs or to simply stop following the sport entirely. For someone who has been following F1 for over 25 years and who considers it to be their favourite sport this isn’t an easy decision to make.

    1. Its a good COTD, nicely showing the thinking of a long standing F1 fan. And its also contoversial enough to capture the discussion.
      Thanks for it @Beneboy

    2. Accidental Mick
      31st January 2012, 15:43

      I’ve been watching F1, and the preceeding series, for over 50 years. At first, just the British events (Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Goodwood) but. as the television coverage grew. eventually all the races.
      When, for a few seasons, I just hadn’t got time to watch every race (very young children, renovating houses) I found watching just the occaisional race boring because I lost track the “behind the scenes” stories.
      I am retired now and cannot justify the expense of Sky (and would resent paying anyway).
      I will probably watch Australia just for old times sake but I expect that will be it.

      1. That is very saddening to hear.

  4. I hope Rubens Barrichello gives Indycars’ a go, he’s still got what it takes and it would be a great thing for American openwheel racing to have a driver of his standing in the series. As a diehard Indy fan, there has not been much cheer in recent months since the tragic death of Dan Wheldon. Thank God, atlast some possible good news for a change!

  5. Look at this nice little piece of motorsport news posted by Saward: Colinb Kolles will be back on track running a Lotus powered Lola chassis in the LMP2 championship!

  6. Personally I think that Rubens would kick some ass in this series if he’d decide to race there.

  7. An option for Jaime Alguersuari, in the possible shape of a Mercedes third driver role?

  8. I don’t like drivers changing their helmets. Nico’s new design is quite different to his previous one, and I haven’t warmed with it yet.

  9. Is it just me or do the new Indy cars look so much better than the current F1 cars? Especially with the new 2012 silliness at the nose , not that I don’t still like them but the Indy-cars look somehow more menacing (as single-seaters should!)

  10. I said 2011 was the best year for ‘action’ and I stand by that.

    Much of that so called action was artificial though & thats why I think 2011 will be forgotten as we go into the future.

    I largely hated the on-track action last year, All the DRS moves were dull & unexciting & a lot of the tyre related passing was similar.

    I’ll watch the start of 2012 & if things are the same I’ll just stop watching, I can’t stand the direction F1 is going with all these tupidly absurd gimmicks that do nothing but create artificial & boring racing.

  11. I had to laugh at the comment of the day. Alot there was true, especially the Sky Tv segment. Which gave me pause for thought! If 2012 is a bad, boring, give Vettel the trophy at the Monaco Grands Prix type of season, could we see people on mass telling Sky where to shove their expensive HD F1 package? Its abit like football. People will fill a stadium if the team is playing good football, but when they play a load of junk, the stadium soon becomes empty. F1 has alot of diehards like the good people on this site, but it also has alot of casual fans aswell, just like football. Those who jump on the bandwagon when something appears cool and fashionable.
    I.E Watching the Valencia Gp on free to air BBC tv, even though is was boring and like watching paint dry, is fine aslong as its apart of your license fee. Would it be fine though when it has cost you hundreds of pounds though? Me think’s not

  12. hey guys if you are interested here is a great on board cam shot of Rubens lapping the new indycar in testing. Very good quality video

    1. Nice clip.

      Odd how the low revs make it sound like he’s driving slow. When compared to the high pitched whine of F1 cars anyway.

    2. I love the on board sound, it’s reminiscent of the 80’s turbo F1 days

  13. Is Willi Weber Schumacher’s manager again? Didn’t he take management into his own hand with help from Sabine *something*?

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