McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-26 compared

2012 F1 season

Here’s how the new McLaren MP4-27 compares with its predecessor.

Find more pictures of the McLaren MP4-27 here.

McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-26 side comparison

McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-26 side comparison

McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-26 comparison

McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-26 comparison

2012 F1 season

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116 comments on McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-26 compared

  1. McGregski (@mcgregski) said on 1st February 2012, 14:57

    I’m looking forward to seeing the ‘ugly’ Ferrari now…. 2 days to go!

  2. sato113 (@sato113) said on 1st February 2012, 16:59

    can someone do a front comparison?

  3. Josh__F (@josh__f) said on 1st February 2012, 17:28

    The Black Rims make the Car look so much better :D

  4. Casanova (@casanova) said on 1st February 2012, 17:33

    The thing I noticed most of all (aside from the cleaner sidepod profile) was the bulkhead. I was looking for alligator bumps like the Caterham, but McLaren have played it smooth instead.

    Look at the height of the area between the cockpit opening and the front wheels, in relation to the height of the tyres. It’s significantly higher on the MP4/27, leading to a more curved side profile down to the required low nose.

    I wonder if McLaren has had to move the driver up accordingly? Certainly the feet will be higher, so either the driver must be more recumbent or higher overall. It’s interesting to work out what the potential motivations for this might be, since keeping mass lower down in the car is generally desired. I guess it shows just how uncompromising the search for optimum aero flow to the rear of the car is, in the face of other attributes.

  5. The Limit said on 1st February 2012, 19:33

    The rear wing on the new car caught my eye. Obviously McLaren have spent alot of time on the back of the car, last year they struggled for downforce at the back of the car compared to the Red Bull. This was where Adrian Newey nailed it with his design, the Red Bull was by far the fastest car through medium and highspeed corners last year. This was always McLaren’s achilles heel! Looks like a natural progression from 2011, nothing too radicle. Want to see how it drives next though!

  6. sid_prasher (@) said on 1st February 2012, 19:45

    Looks neat! Is this the nose that they will use or we will get to see that only during the testing?

  7. Dan_the_McLaren_fan (@dan_the_mclaren_fan) said on 1st February 2012, 20:11

    Looks like the Mp4/27 didn’t do enough exercise during the winter : now it has become all fat : fat nose, fat back. And I don’t think that shorter winter tests will help that. But at least, it hasn’t a broken nose like the Caterham…

    Well, I’m a bit disappointed, this year’s car isn’t looking that good. I just hope it will be mega-fast! :)

    • BBT (@bbt) said on 1st February 2012, 20:34

      Have you seems how narrow the heat venting is?

    • BBT (@bbt) said on 1st February 2012, 20:39

      PS its incredibly tight compared to last year, have a look at the shots from directly behind and from behind the rear tyre (diagonal). We haven’t seen a merc engined car with a tighter rear.

      Lets wait and see the others before we decide if more of a diet was needed. ;-)

  8. James said on 1st February 2012, 21:37

    A hint of MP4-24 at the back there (i.e. looks far more svelte and sleek) and also the sidepods? It actually looks more like a combination of the 24 and the 25. Anyway, great looking machine, I was expecting a pig after the Caterham.

  9. Alehud42 (@alehud42) said on 1st February 2012, 21:48

    I do think the chrome is getting tired, but those who want to go back to the red-and-white Marlboro livery: look at the 94-95-96 McLaren. All hideous.
    Back to the MP4-27, I like it. It looks elegant and more tightly packaged than the 26. And that nose has considerably put some faith back into 2012 car design.
    Best looking car of the season, I bet.

  10. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 2nd February 2012, 8:00

    The rear wing on the MP4-27certainly looks to suit the car more, it looks finished and more refined. The front also has a better looking curve to it. Who knows if it will correlate on the track though.

  11. T-Money said on 2nd February 2012, 18:11


  12. Elliot Horwood said on 4th February 2012, 23:05

    Image shows how McLaren actually have a LOWER nose than Ferrari, even with the ‘step ladder’ design ferrari have

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