Ferrari and Force India to reveal 2012 F1 cars today

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Ferrari F150 launch, Maranello, 2011
Ferrari F150 launch, Maranello, 2011

Ferrari and Force India will reveal their new F1 cars today.

Ferrari’s launch has been disrupted by heavy snow at Maranello. However they will be showing off their car online at 9am UK time at

Meanwhile at Silverstone Force India will pull back the covers on their new car at roughly the same time. Dan Cross will be at the track to cover the test for F1 Fanatic.

Pictures and news from the launches will appear here as soon as they are available.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Shakedown for Williams (Sky)

“The team headed to the Idiada proving ground outside Barcelona, with reserve driver Valtteri Bottas behind the wheel.”

Hamilton eager to sort out future (Autosport)

“Probably after the first couple of races it’s something we will probably want to get out of the way.”

Australian Open costs a lot too: GP boss (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Australian Grand Prix boss Ron Walker: “The Grand Prix looks expensive but so is the tennis. We’ve never had the debate about the tennis before. They have committed another $368 million to keep it until 2036.”

Pedro de la Rosa via Twitter

“Impressed by what I have seen today at HRT. Great effort in less than three months. Good job guys.”

Roberto Mieres 1924?ǣ2012 (Joe Saward)

“Finally he went to Europe on his own and, thanks to his friendship with Harry Schell, did a deal to become the reserve driver of Gordini, where Schell was teamed with Maurice Trintignant, Jean Behra and Robert Manzon. While waiting for his chance he went to Italy and talked his way into a test with Lancia and went faster than the regular drivers.”

Retromobile Paris 2012 (Nick Mason via Facebook)

“My 1978 Ferrari 312 T3 (driven by Gilles Villeneuve) on the stand at Retromobile with Hall and Hall.”

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Comment of the day

Yesterday’s article on the riding cost of attending F1 races elicited several responses from readers who are feeling the pinch:

I have been to the British Grand Prix since 2002, and made it every year bar one when my mother passed away. However, this year I won?t be going ?ǣ the increases in price have made it uneconomical for me to go. I found paying ??179 as I did last year for camping and three-day walkabout tickets was very expensive, but manageable, but ??215 for the camping and three-day walkabout is too much to budget for.

It’s a shame, and I’ll miss the fantastic buzz, but at those prices, which have gone up year-on-year since I started attending (the first year I went, I got Copse B undercover tickets for ??225 per person, and the second year three-day General Admission was ??79 per person) and it has got to the point where I just can’t countenance the cost.

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On this day in F1

It’s too cold for Ferrari this year but it was too hot on this day last year: the team suffered a setback in testing when Felipe Massa’s car caught fire:

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo