Ferrari F2012

Ferrari F2012 launch – first pictures and video of Ferrari’s 2012 F1 car

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Ferrari F2012
Ferrari F2012

Ferrari have revealed their 2012 F1 car in Maranello. The team’s latest challenger has been named the F2012.

After Fernando Alonso narrowly missed out on the championship in 2010, Ferrari endured a poor season by their standards last year. Alonso won just once and Felipe Massa never finished higher than fifth.

The team vowed to take a less conservative approach with their new car.

“The main changes when compared to 2011 concern the height of the front section of the chassis, the position of the exhaust pipes and the mapping for the electronic engine management,” said a statement released by the team.

“Practically every area of the car has been fundamentally revised, starting with the suspension layout: both the front and rear feature pull-rods, aimed at favouring aerodynamic performance and lowering the centre of gravity.

“The front wing is derived from the one introduced on the 150??? Italia in the final part of its racing life and has been evolved from there. Further evolutions are planned in this area for the opening races of the season.

Ferrari F2012
Ferrari F2012

“The nose has a step in it that is not aesthetically pleasing: with the requirement from the regulations to lower the front part, this was a way of raising the bottom part of the chassis as much as possible for aerodynamic reasons. The sides have been redesigned, through modifications to the side impact structures, the repositioning of the radiators and revisions to all aerodynamic elements.

“The lower part of the rear of the car is much narrower and more tapered, a feature achieved partly through a new gearbox casing and a relocation of some mechanical components. In recent years, the area of exhausts has been crucial in terms of car performance and much effort was expended on this front, based on changes to the regulations introduced this year. The rear wing is conceptually similar to the one used in 2011, but every detail of it has been revised and it is now more efficient.

“Naturally, it is still fitted with DRS (a drag reduction system,) which is operated hydraulically. The front and rear air intakes for the brakes have been redesigned and work was carried out in collaboration with Brembo to optimise the braking system.”

Heavy snow in Maranello forced the team to cancel their launch ceremony and scrap plans for a shakedown run on their Fiorano circuit.

Here are the first pictures of Ferrari’s new F1 car:

2012 F1 cars

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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  1. In my opinion it looks just how expected.
    Agressive and extreme, and that’s what f1 is all about.

    1. Providing that ‘agressive and extreme’ actually result in points!

  2. Ha ha it looks like a fat chick fell on it. I mean there’s a nose only a mother could love, move over maggie you’ve got some stiff compo this year.

    And then there’s the force india and the caterham, This years grid is guna have more bad noses than a plastic surgeon’s waiting room. LOL

  3. I thought the Boxer was a Ferrari road car.

  4. That music is completely horrific!! Who the hell made that?

  5. Yes F2012, we can confirm your rhinoplasty appointment for March 1st.

  6. I’m disappointed to be honest, having seen the McLaren, I thought Ferrari would at least use some Italian stye and follow suit. The new cars with the step design do look ugly. I seem to remember the reason side mounted wings were banned partly because Bernie thought they were ugly (at least that’s what he said). I can’t see Bernie being overly complimentary about them. Also, surely McLaren have an aero advantage as they don’t have a brick like step messing with their aero lines? I think the step cars are ugly but who knows, maybe Steps are the future?

  7. This year’s F1 grid is shaping up to be very zoo like. You have the VJM05 duck beak; you have the crocodile Caterham; and if you look at this Ferrari from the top; it looks smack like a flying squirrel.

  8. I might get alot of stick for this. But…

    I quite like the car (I’m not saying its beautiful).
    The only part of the car i dont like is the ‘step-up’ between the nose and the cockpit, which is a small area of the car overall (granted, it is quite distracting).

    I’m slowly getting more hyped for this season (was feeling slightly down about this season a week or two ago).
    But, we’ve got 2 teams wanting to take Red Rull’s crown, yet going with different solutions.

    I can’t wait to see what Red Bull and Mercedes (such a long wait for them) come up with for their cars.

  9. With the nose regs headed even lower in 2014, I wonder if Chinese style foot binding will become all the rage for F1 drivers.

  10. the first thing montezemolo will say when they lose is that ferrari are pulling out of formula 1 unless dependency on aerodynamics is changed

  11. I thought it looked bad in the pictures but the close up of the nose in the video made me wince

  12. Did someone at the FIA woke up one morning and thought: He lets trow something else off the cliff than the tyres.

  13. Whale shark?

  14. That is just plain ugly

  15. when i look at the exhausts i cant help but see this. that said, i do like them.

  16. The ‘noes’ have it.

  17. Looks absolutely stunning!

    Can’t wait for the new season now.

  18. how’s that nose aerodynamic? ***

  19. Crikey…that nose really isn’t pleasant. It seems far less refined and looks less aerodynamic than the Force India and Caterham alternatives.

  20. Elliot Horwood
    4th February 2012, 23:02

    Image shows how McLaren actually have a LOWER nose than Ferrari, even with the ‘step ladder’ design ferrari have

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