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Ferrari have “taken a few more risks”, says Fry

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Ferrari chassis director Pay Fry says the team have taken “more risks” with their new F1 car.

Fry described the Ferrari F2012 as “quite a step away from where we have been.”

He said: “It’s certainly taken a few more risks on the basic car layout and things like that. All in all everyone’s done a good job. Now we just need to knuckle down and start pushing again for all the upgrades for the first race and through the year.”

The first upgrades to the car will arrive in time for the start of the season: “We’re working on upgrading the aero, mainly,” said Fry.

“There will be an update for the third test and the first race. And then, in reality, it’s just a constant aero development all through the year.”

Ferrari F2012
Ferrari F2012

He added: “The biggest differentiator is aerodynamics, still. I think there’s a lot less you can do now with engines affecting the aerodynamics.

“The engineering side of engine performance moves back to actually producing horsepower and making it fuel-efficient, rather than the opposite that we had been doing.

“I think it is just going to be a constant aerodynamic development all through the year, really.”

Chief designer Nikolas Tombazis described the demand for results at the team following the 2011 season, in which they won just once:

“As chief designer I feel even more pressure than normal this year because we are really all very keen and very eager to get back to being competitive and hopefully winning again.

“That pressure I believe is felt by everyone from the very upper levels of the company to the lower levels, this pressure is very tangible. It’s something that we’re all working to hopefully get a good result and relieve that pressure.”

2012 F1 season

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