Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari F2012 launch, 2012

Caption competition 4: Ferrari F2012

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari F2012 launch, 2012
Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari F2012 launch, 2012

What do Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa really make of the new Ferrari?

It’s over to you to decide what Alonso and Massa had to say as they pulled back the covers on the new Ferrari F2012 yesterday. Supply your captions in the comments.

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283 comments on “Caption competition 4: Ferrari F2012”

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  1. Jack Leslie (@)
    4th February 2012, 10:02

    “…………….Urm……….This looks, different”

  2. matthewf1 (@)
    4th February 2012, 10:04

    ‘Ferrari make the surprise unveiling of Alain Prost as their reserve driver for the 2012 season’

  3. Woops. I was meant to say

    “I hope they kept the receipt”

  4. “A bedside table with wheels? It’ll never work.”

  5. ‘See? I told you not to sit on the nose before the ceremony! Lay off the Donuts next winter Filipe!’

    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! hilarious! :D

    2. @sam3110 I made a very similar caption but I swear I hadn’t read yours!

  6. “Somebody call Steve Irwin and the Americans, they’ve let a red crocodile loose!”

  7. “Prost get out from under that sheet”

  8. “Looks that kill”

  9. “Oh, nose!”

  10. Hey Felipe, since when did Alain Prost design F1 cars?

    1. have you ever heard of prost GP?

      1. Now he has

  11. “We’ve gone with the flow on this one, doesn’t look too good, but we won’t see the front most of the time, so it’s bearable. Now can the FIA give us the championship already? Or even better exclude Red Bull and McLaren?”

  12. My prancing horse is going to be prancing backwards.

  13. “Hey Felipe, I wonder where they got the idea for the stupid flat nose on this thing?”
    “um…I see you’re still wearing that cap, Fernando?”

  14. Do you still want to uncover everything Felipe? It might look uglier still.

  15. Fernando and Felipe decide it’s best to re-cover the Ferrari….

  16. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    4th February 2012, 10:26



  17. Don’t look back in anger.

  18. Alonso can’t bear to look at new Ferrari.

  19. “For thure, when you sit inside the car, you cannot see the nose.” – Felipe Massa.

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