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Lotus E20 launch – first pictures of Lotus’s 2012 F1 car

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The Lotus E20, the team’s 2012 F1 challenger, has been revealed today. See the video above for the first images of the car.

The team which competed as Renault in 2011 has changed identities and has an all-new driver line-up for this season.

The E20 will be raced by Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean. Raikkonen will be first to drive the car in testing at Jerez in the coming week.

Lotus were known to have been working on a reactive ride height system for the E20, which they tested on its predecessor in Abu Dhabi last year. However the system was banned by the FIA last month.

Lotus E20 pictures

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  1. beautiful car. Lotus shows aesthetics and the bump in the nose can come together.

    1. I agree. The perfect middle ground between the mclaren and the ct01

      1. But which will be more effective?

    2. The colour does help a bit to mask the bump, though.
      I still agree.

    3. Agreed, very good job from Lotus, Ferrari is the ugliest so far. McLaren the most beautiful.

      1. am i losing the plot and seeing senna in the computer rendered images of the car?

        ill confess ive had a few beers this afternoon so might be seeing things…..

      2. Lotus for sure have the best looking ‘stepped’ nose so far. The reason the Ferrari is so ugly is because its so much more aggressive. If we could get a side by side of all the noses, would be good to see the different heights and angles used.

        1. Also, just noticed with the 2009 car in the video, so many of them had low noses back then. Any particular reason why?

          1. @ivz
            The low noses were used to create downforce themselves. Raising the nose became important after the diffusors were cut, and double diffusors banned alltogether, to get the most possible amount of air underneath the car and generate downforce at the back.

  2. Best looking car so far! Stepped noses don’t have to be ugly, as Force India and now Lotus have shown us. I just hope we get no nonsense surrounding this team this year. I’ve had to forgive them a few times now, but I suppose I can give them another chance! Let’s have a controversy-free season, Lotus!

    1. Indeed, it is a very nice looking car.

      I just hope its good on fast tracks so Kimi can do something great at Spa again (wishing for a Kimi, Schumacher, Alonso finish there, that would be one awesome podium).

    2. I don’t think any of the cars are ugly this year even if they are not what we would design. I think everyone has a new season sugar rush.

      That being said wth is that attached to the tea tray? obviously it must be an aero device but no other team has one, or no other team has shown they have one yet. Is that even legal? If so why has no one built so heavily under the tub before?

    3. I really like your positive attitude, @damonsmedley .

      I have to admit that I’m not too optimistic about Lotus’s ability to avoid further controversies as well as their chances of getting good results in 2012. But I fully agree with you about the look of the car. In my opinion, this is the only 2012 nose (so far) that could be described as ‘sexy’.

      1. Lotus have also produced the best launch video so far! We get a good look at the car, the team, and discussion on design of the car in person.

        1. Their marketing/PR team seems to be really making an effort recently. The official Twitter feed is very personal and they tend to reply to everyone, as well as compose humourous tweets. They’re trying to become the “fun” team that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, in my opinion. And that’s a good thing.

  3. Cars are getting more and more alike I hope that we wont see this on future years.

    1. More like Indy cars than formula one cars.

  4. Great video with the launch. I think I’m getting used to the noses now. Looks alright…not as nice as the McLaren though.

    1. I have the same feeling, I’m getting used to it now. Apart from McLaren, this is the best looking car so far. I hope it’s good enough to give Mercedes and perhaps Ferrari a hard time.

    2. I think the livery helps mask it as well as the fact that the bulges flow down to the lower front far more regularly than with either the FI and certainly the Caterham.

      Looks quite ok to me.

  5. UNeedAFinn2Win
    5th February 2012, 16:18

    Nice..r, I guess.

    Just can’t get behind the team, past few years soured it too much for me.

    But good for Kimi, glad he’s back.

  6. Beautiful car hope they do well this year :)

  7. Lovely car. The dark paint job does miracles with the car. It’s still not that bad looking anyway!

    Like it!

  8. Stepped nose looks OK on this one.

  9. Kimi smiled !!!! :)

    1. He was fantasising about getting away so he could have a ****.

      1. Nevertheless, a smile is a smile.

      2. tbh i’m sure that was the robot version of kimi the real kimi is most likely down the pub ….. i do like the car and with 3 more launches tomorrow then testing this week hi 5 f1’s here for 2012 !!

    2. Free champagne maybe?

    3. so what if he did?
      Am i the only one annoyed by all this worshipping every thing Kimi does nonsense
      He smiled so whats the big deal??

      1. Its a joke on Kimi’s lack of emotion

  10. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    5th February 2012, 16:23

    Paint job helps the nose IMO. Nothing to dissimilar to Force India’s solution though. McLaren still my favourite so far.

  11. not a bad looking car. well done.
    now, let’s bring Raikko to the top!

  12. Indeed, in black the stepped nose doesn’t look as bad as in FI or SF. Still not in McLaren’s league in the looks category.

    1. It’s not only the black paintjob; the step is much more smooth and the fact that the noose in the front is much thicker helps alot. I would certainly not call this a crocodile nose or something like that.

  13. The Lotus looks very nice actually, the ‘step’ on the nose isn’t very noticeable. The best looking ‘Prost car’ along with the Force India but still not as good as a the McLaren.

  14. Lotus was prettier last year only it was a Renault as the Lotus last year was ugly but not as bad as the Lotus this year which is Caterham wait, I’ve confused myself-what car is this? :P

    I actually don’t like the stepped nose as much on the Lotus as I do the FI but it’s still one of the prettiest cars so far. FI has been my favourite so far though and Mclaren least. I’m still recovering from PTSD after seeing the Ferrari though.

  15. Rules are rules.

  16. hmmm. so mclaren are the only team thus far without this horrid stepped nose? given my teams history, this might be the beginning of another disastrous season! !

  17. I just hope that “looks fast” and “is fast” can be the same during the season. Good luck for Kimi and Romain

  18. That looks quite good! If all the cars were to have “normal” noses like they had last year with this one as an exception, I think none of us would have really complained!

  19. The car looks rather boring to me. For the most part an R31 with a slightly tighter rear, moved exhausts and new nose.

  20. This actually looks nicer than the McLaren, and the livery’s handled a lot better than in 2011. Good job Lotus :)

    1. All Lotus need to do now is colour the red endplates black.

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