Lotus E20 launch – first pictures of Lotus’s 2012 F1 car

2012 F1 cars


The Lotus E20, the team’s 2012 F1 challenger, has been revealed today. See the video above for the first images of the car.

The team which competed as Renault in 2011 has changed identities and has an all-new driver line-up for this season.

The E20 will be raced by Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean. Raikkonen will be first to drive the car in testing at Jerez in the coming week.

Lotus were known to have been working on a reactive ride height system for the E20, which they tested on its predecessor in Abu Dhabi last year. However the system was banned by the FIA last month.

Lotus E20 pictures

2012 F1 cars

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Image ?? Lotus F1 Team

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123 comments on Lotus E20 launch – first pictures of Lotus’s 2012 F1 car

  1. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 5th February 2012, 16:37


    And the livery still looks more like a Wolf.

  2. schooner (@schooner) said on 5th February 2012, 16:38

    Pretty nice. As mentioned above, the “step” on this car is not nearly as glaring as on some others.

  3. James (@jamesf1) said on 5th February 2012, 16:39

    Jonny has ridiculous sideburns…

  4. TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 5th February 2012, 16:39

    Looks brilliant. Not sure if I’m getting used to the noses already but I really like it!

  5. deanmachine (@deanmachine) said on 5th February 2012, 16:41

    Glad they got rid of that massively oversized Lotus badge. It’s probably the nicest stepped nose we’ve seen so far too.

  6. jonchuckle (@jonchuckle) said on 5th February 2012, 16:47

    Thoughts on the livery…

    The good:
    – The over-the-top Lotus branding has been toned down (five huge ACBC badges, especially the gigantic one on the nose, was too much)
    – The gold lines are less bulky and taper off nicely towards the rear end
    – The bigger splash of gold on the nose and front wing

    The bad:
    – They’ve gone back to the dull, brown-y gold that they started 2011 with after scrapping it for a more pleasant JPS yellow gold mid-way through the season
    – The stupid red endplates. WHY CAN’T YOU BLEND IT IN, LIKE ON THE RED BULL? Gross.

    • Mike (@mike) said on 6th February 2012, 0:29

      It’s really an uninspired livery.

      You can forgive Ferrari considering their history, but look at what Force India did. It blows this out of the water.

  7. I like this car a lot. Being a Lotus fan, you’d expect me to say that, but I genuinely do. Though, hopefully, the car isn’t just a “pretty face” and actually works.

    I have my fingers crossed.

  8. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 5th February 2012, 16:50

    Looks thoroughly conventional, which after last year’s car is probably a good thing for them.

    The red endplates are still hateful though.

  9. matt90 said on 5th February 2012, 16:50

    Not bad looking, although I still think the livery is clumsy. It should have thinner stripes and no red. Perhaps a less metallic black too. I’d rather see it in yellow again, but I guess that would now be even less appropriate than this JPS one is.

  10. On the basis of what Helmut Marko is quoted as saying in Bild, it seems the RB8 nose might end up looking a bit like this one, with the “step” part of the nose being “smaller and more elegant.” I think E20 nose looks pretty good, all things considered!

    • ivz (@ivz) said on 6th February 2012, 6:38

      I was just thinking this, and came on here to say, I would not be surprised if the RB8 is most similar to the Lotus E20 nose.
      Maybe the RB8 is even more ‘elegant’? We will soon find out.
      Still eagerly awaiting an article by Keith to show all the noses in contrast to eachother, will be really interesting! Wish we could also find out how each differs with drag vs downforce.

      As for the Lotus, I think it will be one of the better looking cars. It for sure was one of the best looking in the flesh last year in Melbourne!

  11. brxtr (@broxter) said on 5th February 2012, 17:04

    Nice explanation of the new nose regulations in that video.

  12. Jezson (@jezson) said on 5th February 2012, 17:16

    I’m glad they’ve gone back to the gold instead of that horrible cream they changed it to half way through last season. As most people are saying though… The lines are too thick and the red isn’t needed.

    • jonchuckle (@jonchuckle) said on 5th February 2012, 17:37

      @jezson I’ve said the exact opposite a few comments back. ;)

      Honestly, I thought the cream/yellow/gold of last season was much better than this ‘orrid blingy brown-gold, and much closer to the original JPS liveries of the 70s and 80s. This doesn’t look anything like what it’s trying to emulate.

  13. west (@west) said on 5th February 2012, 17:17

    Good job new nose not bad at all

  14. Nflux (@nflux) said on 5th February 2012, 17:35

    I am still waiting for the RB8 to see where the master goes with nose.

  15. Charlie123 said on 5th February 2012, 17:40

    Redbull tomorrow!

  16. reg (@reg) said on 5th February 2012, 17:47

    Looks like Total remains unrelenting in their need for a red background on the endplates. Car could look 10X better if they were gold and black like the rest of the car.

    This team hasn’t had a beautiful livery since the R26.

  17. TRF1 (@trf1net) said on 5th February 2012, 17:48

    Lotus E20 looks aggressive. Those pictures are aggressive:

    • TheBrav3 said on 5th February 2012, 19:05

      Those Pictures are PR twaddle shot in ways to show you el zilcho technical innovations but at the same time make you go oooooo it’s all sideways!

      • Mike (@mike) said on 6th February 2012, 9:52

        Exactly, You can see little, or at least it is very hard to see much of value.

        The low close shots irritate me greatly. I understand hiding things but unless it turns out to be a revolutionary car I think that it’s just unnecessary.

  18. Gav (@foxtrotoscar21) said on 5th February 2012, 17:51

    The best car launched so far closely behind the Force India. Nice work. Great video clip too. Hope it sounds as good as last years – I loved the sound of their engine.

    • Gav (@foxtrotoscar21) said on 5th February 2012, 17:52

      behind?! I meant FI behind the Lotus!

      • Mike (@mike) said on 6th February 2012, 10:25

        Wow really?

        I think it’s really ugly, the lines are all over the place, fitting the chassis in no way, and the shape is truly boring.

        I think this is well behind the FI, and behind the Macca and Caterham as well.

  19. I Love The Pope said on 5th February 2012, 17:59

    Looks like a car and a couple of drivers who will finish fifth at best!


  20. Rahim.RG (@rahim-rg) said on 5th February 2012, 17:59

    Pretty agressive….Nicely done..
    Car looks Monstrously Good…
    Good Luck to Lotus Hopefully will be quick enough for Kimi to shine…

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