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Lotus E20 launch – first pictures of Lotus’s 2012 F1 car

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The Lotus E20, the team’s 2012 F1 challenger, has been revealed today. See the video above for the first images of the car.

The team which competed as Renault in 2011 has changed identities and has an all-new driver line-up for this season.

The E20 will be raced by Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean. Raikkonen will be first to drive the car in testing at Jerez in the coming week.

Lotus were known to have been working on a reactive ride height system for the E20, which they tested on its predecessor in Abu Dhabi last year. However the system was banned by the FIA last month.

Lotus E20 pictures

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  1. I’m not a fan. It’s just last year’s car with a new nose.

  2. By the way, I wouldn’t judge the tone of gold in the livery, as I noticed there are yellow/orange lights pointed straight on the car. The effect would be much more brown-orange tone of gold instead of bright, a bit milky tone used last year.

  3. looks like the virgin nose from 2010

  4. as much i would think, Ferrari have presented one of their first step-up nose designs. heard they will have their first upgrades at the start of the season – they’re hiding something. hmmm…

  5. Too many oddly-shaped black bits on the front wing for my liking.

    Same with the interviewer’s face, but that’s another matter…

    The fiddly bits on the front of all the new cars look a real mess to me (like the side of the 2008 cars). It means more bits to break off, ruining the cars’ delicate balance. They end up on the track too, which always seems such a lame reason to bring out the safety car.

  6. Car looks alright Not aggressive enough on the sidepods in my opinion. It’s the one area where there’s still scope to exploit in the current regulations would have liked to see a more under cut design to aid air flow to the back of the car. On a different note, @keithcolantine please sort out the mobile version of the website please. It loads up the desktop version on mobile devices. Love check the website on the go, haven’t been able to lately.

  7. I think it looks pretty nice but will it be quick? The stepped nose has me in two minds and until they hit Q3 in Aus we won’t really know if Mclaren have got it right or the others with the stepped nose. My thoughts are that Mclaren have a philosophy with the lower nose and therefore know how to get the airflow right under the nose. I am presuming at this stage it may well end up giving them and advantage. Can’t wait for the Red Bull but don’t expect anything to be shown that’s innovative this is F1 and they are all good at playing poker.

    1. It is my belief that Mc have always run the lower nose philosophy the noses on both the mp4-25 and 26 where quite a lot lower than those of the other teams. Mc didn’t really have to alter the nose/bulkhead that much to make it comply with the 2012 regs as last years car was fairly close to begin with.

      If you look at pics of any Mc car for the last 3 or 4 years you will notice it has a snow plough looking device beneath the driver and just back from the front wing pylons this is the sloution they use that enables then to run the low nose. Being as how they have been doing this on there cars for some time now i can’t see it causing them any issues.

      I think it is quite likely that neither design will prove to be wrong

  8. TV! Off topic a little, but has anyone noticed the ‘F1 on the BBC in 2012’ list on the revised BBC F1 website? It seems to suggest that ALL races will be shown live online!?……. Check out the last 2 bullet points.

    Lotus looks good by the way, best ‘stepped nose’ yet.

    1. Tom (@tomforpresident)
      6th February 2012, 9:22

      I think they are referring to their live text commentary.

  9. Though McLaren is still the best,Lotus did a great job on their car i will put Lotus to 2nd place

  10. Actually, from that penultimate shot, from the front, the nose and cockpit are strange. But overall it’s a very nice car.

  11. I like it quite a lot actually. I’m just catching up on a few articles but already the stepped nose on the E20 actually looks like a design feature rather than a last minute adjustment.

    Thanks for the video, Keith. I missed the launch so it was good to watch it back in full.

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