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Red Bull RB8 launch – first pictures and video of Red Bull’s 2012 F1 car

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The Red Bull RB8, the car the team aim to defend their championship titles with, was revealed today in Jerez.

Its predecessors the RB7 and RB6 won two constructors’ championships and took Sebastian Vettel to a pair of drivers’ titles. Red Bull will be hoping the RB8 can make it three in a row.

There is little change at the team which has been the dominant force in F1 for the last two-and-a-half years. Vettel and Mark Webber form the driving line-up, and Adrian Newey remains at the head of the technical team.

Red Bull RB8 pictures

Red Bull RB8 launch video

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  1. Just saw the video on the Red Bull Racing website………..quite cool…..hard to see though.

    1. I guess Red Bull Racing will never change that colour scheme?

      1. I think it works quite well, other than the stupid red endplates. At least they already have red in their livery though, unlike Lotus.

        1. I’ve always considered it too busy. I never cared for their livery much.

          1. I don’t think having to spread ‘Red Bull’ over so many front wing parts helps that impression at the front.

          2. I like it, the way it’s busy suits their brand image of being energetic and fun.

            Also, I like teams keeping the same brand identity. In years to come we will look back at the chrome cars and the blue ones with yellow noses in various F1 history books and clearly pick out the Mclaren and RedBull, in the same way we look at history books and know a white and red chevron is most likely a Mclaren, and the blue and yellow is a Williams from the 80s and 90s.

            Teams that are constantly changing their livery get lost in historic pictures, but those who don’t change build a strong image that sticks in the mind. RedBull are doing that, Mclaren and Ferrari are doing it and Force India are getting into it now with 3 years of Indian Flag livery.

          3. Calum: COTD.

          4. @Calum I agree on brand identity and teams building that over time. However, I don’t see it as busy in an energetic way. Rather, it comes across like the side of a car in NASCAR, instead. Text and logos attacking your eyes without leading them around in a way that incorporates good composition and the flow of the lines in the car. Energetic can do that without words and brands slapped on there like a bunch of stickers.

        2. I always liked the red endplates on the Renault/lotus whatever it is now.

      2. I think their livery is getting worse every year.

        1. yeah, their livery has too much going on!

    1. Quack Quack.

      1. Owen Wilson likes the RB8.

    2. F-ugly……

    3. I agree, my 10 plus years in software engineering tell me McLaren were the only ones that have it right. Seriously though, the McLaren look gorgeous, but again adrian made something horrible look fairly okay. I did expect the snow plow, and a smoother end for the red bull though.

      1. Because software engineering and aerodynamics have so much in common? :S

        1. Yes, that’s why Virgin won the last two Constructor’s Championships.

  2. Helmut Marko promised the car wouldn’t be as ugly as the Ferrari… He was right, allthough it seems the McLaren will take the beauty crown this year.

    1. Exhaust seems to be blowing towards the lower element of the rearwing. Front wing looks so complicated it blew my head off after 5 minutes.

      The intake in the front seems to be devided by the antenna… I wonder if the intake is split all the way through and possibly brings air to the back of the car through a channel system on each side.

      1. The front wing is similar to the RB7’s, it looks like they’ve added an element that is similar to the one that was on the MP4-26 in the second half of last season.

        1. I wondered about that, too. But they had that in Brazil already.

          (In case we’re both talking about the smaller case ‘r’ element)

          1. @GeeMac @dennis I think they tested those since Monza; and raced them first in Singapore? Suzuka?

          2. Well spotted @dennis and @raymondu999 , I didn’t even notice that RBR had that “r shaped element” at the end of last season.

      2. It looks like it is blowing either straight backwards or slightly downwards which is surely illegal? Ferraris also clearly blows downwards but towards the rear wheels…. Strange as the regs are so clear on this….. (Unless they are both just hiding their intentions)

        1. So far I can’t tell from the pictures if the exhaust is legal or not. I wondered about the Ferrari solution as well, and if they found a loophole.

          1. I was wondering if the Ferrari solution is to use the fairing to direct the exhaust downwards while underneath that it actually does point upwards. If so I can see that being banned very quickly….

    2. McLaren have admitted most of the parts including the exhaust were fake. We won’t see the beginnings of what it looks like until tomorrow.

      1. I don’t think they will change the layout of the nose, though as that would mean an entirely new chassis.

        I expect the exhaust position to change possibly several times through the season and the wings themselves were already outdated weeks before the presentation.

        1. Would it? The nose and front wing assemblies on all cars are designed for quick replacement during races.

          1. The actual nose can be changed but I believe the slope cannot too much (it’s part of the chassis), the nose mounts just after the slope.

          2. Exactly. It would make no sense to add a step in case of McLaren, as the chassis itself is so low.

    3. Adrian Newey have released a statement to Autosprint (it will be available the day after tomorrow) in which he said that he doesn’t like the shape of the nose but it’s a necessity

      1. Newey always said that he only builds ugly cars when they’re necessary.

        1. I think it’s a pity that the Red Bull livery is so grotesque.

        2. What does this mean for the McLaren? It seems like it is the only car w/o the drop in the nose

    4. He was indeed right, it’s uglier still…!

    5. Are McLaren the only ones with a non-ugly car ?

  3. Not bad for a step nose.

      1. Agreed. Why does it look a lot better than the other step noses?

        1. I think the reason is it’s a little tapered and has a lot more detail than others. Look Ferrari’s. It’s just a slope.

          1. the RB8 is just an adjustment of the RB7 (which won 12 gp) to the new regulation

        2. While there might be slight differences in the construction, I think a lot of it is livery and lighting used in the staging shots.

        3. Because it’s a vent. Probably for the Kers batteries. They had cooling problems with that last year.

        4. @bearforce1 Don’t know about what others think but maybe because the RB8’s retro,metallic colour scheme blends into the design/shape like the E20

        5. I think it’s the color. Seems like dark colors fits better with the nose. Sauber, Lotus, RBR ‘s noses look better than Ferrari, Caterham, Force India’s. Caterham is in a green but the leak photo we saw has very bright lighting.

    1. I agree, I think if you are able to get over the whole stepped nose thing, I think it looks quite good. I like that it looks like a tight sleek package.

    2. I’d say they have the second worst step-nose so far! Force India, Sauber and Lotus have the best looking step-noses.

      1. You seriously think the Sauber looks better…I didn’t think it was possible but that Sauber is AS UGLY as the Ferrari…

        1. In your opinion. :P

        2. Really? I thought the Sauber looked much better than the Ferrari. The black masks the edge

      2. @damonsmedley The Lotus one is my favourite, actually looks like a design feature than a design flaw.

        The RB8 I don’t think is too bad.

    3. The three coloured stripes line up with the front end of the nose, so that the step looks more natural.

  4. In the vid it looks like they have an intake where the nose goes up.

      1. Definitely a slot there… now, let the speculation begin ;)

        My money’s on a blown front wing.

        1. Don’t know about the blown front wing. I thought that the front wing is the first point of contact on a car anyways so would anyone really need more airflow on the front wing? Hard to say I guess.

          My guess would be the intake exits to the sides of the car floor, hence directing the airflow to the diffuser more efficiently.

          Maybe I’m just talking cr@p, but now I cannot wait to find out what it really does

          1. The system Merc tested used the hole in the front of the nose and blew out under the bottom of the front wing; it reduced drag at high speed (when you don’t need it, apart from in fast corners).

        2. That would be an awkwardly strange position for a BFW.

        3. I don’t see the slot. You can see the reflection of the antenna below it so there’s no slot there, and you can see the white of the sealant in a continuous line along the top of the recess and around the base of the antenna.

        4. I can’t possible see how it could blow the front wing. You would have to redirect the air back FORWARDS under the wing. How can an air intake behing the front wing itself, blow air over it…

        5. Funnily enough @BasCB and I were debating this last week after seeing the Caterham launch:

          It has to at least in part cool the driver, not sure what the regs say to be honest… anyone know?

    1. @Deurmat Pause the first video at 8:25 and you can see it quite clearly.

    2. If you’ve got a bump, might as well make use of it. Ferrari must already be worrying that they’ve missed a trick, McLaren wondering if they’ve called it right but probably more confident.

      1. could it be ferrari have something similar blowing onto the wings we saw in the “leaked” pics about a week ago?

      2. I think RB (Adrien) has found something nice, as usuall. Expect all cars later in the season to have an intake there.

    3. I guess it’s part of what the sidepods are supposed to do. If you have an air intake at the front, the sidepod intakes can be marginally smaller and thus the car becomes narrower/more compact. Anyway, that’s my thought.

    4. There is no slot, its just an effect generated by fading out the lines and the reflection on the paint to the overhang of the top surface. Its just a slight recess for aerodynamic reasons.

      1. I have to agree, pause the video at 0:45 and there doesn’t seem to be any slot you can see light reflecting of the body work where the slot would be!

        1. I paused it then and could see what plainly appears to me to be a slot.

          1. its hard to say, because it may well just be a shadow created by the overhang…..I suppose time will tell….

          2. That there is an overhang surely means there is a slot below it. A stepped nose is not very aerodynamic, but having an overhang that forms a hollow makes no sense at all, so it must be a slot.

      2. *off….or as you mentioned elsewhere it could be the sealant..

  5. there is an air inlet on the step nose !!! f-duct???

    1. yeh I thought that at first… although i think its just a cylindrical bulk, which may go some way to help reduce the turbulent air that the step creates….

    2. fly catcher maybe

    3. it can’t be of course.

      1. This.

        However I wonder if it might be something along the lines of Mercedes’ front wing. With a tunnel system channeling the air to a different place.

      2. Why not?

        Apparently the idea of a passive F-Duct is quite popular.

      3. I meant active one, sorry.

        1. The whole idea of the “F” duct, I believe originated with McLaren’s major sponsor at the time, Vodafone.

          The vent or duct happened to coincide with the position of the “f” in the Vodafone livery, hence the name f-duct.

          Is / was, this so and what are the latest 2012 regulations relating to the duct?

          1. @Sempai Unfortunately that’s a load of codswallop.. F-Ducts have been around (in principle, at least) for a while I’m led to believe…

  6. I just saw a close shot from the nose bulk. it looks rather interesting!

    Other than that, it’s just another Red Bull… by the looks of it, at least. I wonder what Newey put under it…!

    1. Yes. The livery is getting very tired (it’s very uninteresting in my opinion) and the red endplates make it look awful. Not as bad as the red Sky bargeboards we’ve seen in Brazil for the last few years, though.

      And I actually can’t notice much difference to last year’s car in terms of design! The nose is stepped (obviously), but what else has changed? Not much by the looks of it.

      1. @damonsmedley
        The question is what are they supposed to change. The exhaust position will determine how the sidepods eventually will look. But with the rear end being supposed to be as tiny as possible there’s little room for huge changes.

        The livery is alright, but nothing exciting. I agree that they might wanna try something new already, but rather this, then an actual Red Bull can design.

        1. I just think it would be nice if they repositioned everything. It needs redoing, and if they’re the team colours, they shouldn’t have to change them, but maybe make the bull a bit bigger and have him covering more of the car, and then adjust the positioning of the other patterns. It could do with updating in my opinion.

  7. why is mclaren’s nose odd looking?

  8. That’s ugly… But not as ugly as the Ferrari nose.

    Is it me or Webber’s helmet seems quite small on the picture ? Pretty low too…

    1. Lol its just a picture

  9. This isn’t a reveal… it’s a tease! How are we supposed to see anything in that, their nose solution is interesting… I can’t wait until testing to see these properly
    Do we know if there are any online video feeds from the testing this year?

  10. Intriguing nose/bulkhead opening.

  11. Wonder what Newey did with that step nose. This is new, nothing like what we have seen. Wonder what Mclaren is thinking right now, the odd one out or just very clever.

    1. Mr. Newey was thinking about optimising the flow towards the airbox, because the nose shape plays a significant role in feeding the air to the engine. Obviously he is trying to utilise the nose slope to achieve good flow further towards the engine air intake…

  12. At least it looks like the bump on the nose is functional. looks like there is a small slit. Best looking bump nose so far.

  13. Newey Flash!!! You are not copying me this year.

  14. Tom (@tomforpresident)
    6th February 2012, 13:21

    if it aint broke… punch it in the nose!

    1. lol funniest thing i’ve read in ages

  15. As always Newey has pushed the boundaries and has found an alternative way to make use of the step nose. Very interesting!

  16. On that inlet/duct/anything at the step of the nose:

    Thats just a new hole that Newey created.

    I cant belive it really, every so called innovation of Newey is a new hole in a car. A yesterday hole in the floor, now a hole in the nose. Last year at Abu Dhabi they raced another Newey design on Vettels car: a hole in the tyre.

    Apart from that I couldn’t see mutch, just flashy lights:D

  17. Reatarded heartbeat…

    1. Or maybe even retarded*

  18. Are these car makers ashamed of their products?
    Why are they filmed in the dark?
    Will they only race with the lights off.
    Did anyone else notice that the launch of the world champions car was not on ‘Sky Sports News?

    1. With those noses they probably are. Hmm..i guess that explains why Mclaren made a presentation and had nice lighting in the room. Nothing to be ashamed about.

  19. hard to tell from the video but I quite like it, definately the nicest out of the step noses

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