Pastor Maldonado, Bruno Senna, Williams FW34, 2012

Williams FW34 launch: First pictures of their 2012 F1 car

2012 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

The Williams-Renault FW34 has been revealed for the first time at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

After a very poor 2011, in which the team scored just five points and finished ninth in the world championship, Williams are hoping for a changes in fortunes in 2012.

The team have switched engine suppliers from Cosworth to Renault and Bruno Senna joins the team in place of Rubens Barrichello. Pastor Maldonado remains at Williams for a second season.

Team principal Frank Williams said: “One could say that looking at the Williams F1 Team today we are off to a truly fresh start. We have a new car, new driver line up, new engine and new senior personnel.

“We also have a number of new partners who have joined the team in the past few months. I?d like to take this opportunity to welcome them formally and sincerely wish that they have an enjoyable and, most importantly, a valuable experience with us. The team has had a good winter at the factory and we feel ready and strong for the fight.”

Williams FW34 pictures

See more pictures of the Williams FW34 in today’s test.

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Image ?? Williams/LAT

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  1. Looking good. Question is: is it fast?

    1. Hard to tell with just one photo, but is the ‘step’ itself curved?
      The name Williams Renault, please be at least fighting at the front of the midfield.

      1. Similar step nose to Ferrari?

        1. They are probably the closest match. However, from these pictures I’d say the Williams one is a tiny bit smoother and more rounded towards the front.

        2. @ivz Looks like it. Doesn’t seem to have gone through the wind tunnel, though i’m sure it has.

      2. Hope so but how likely with such a relatively inexperienced driver line up ? When was the last time they had a pair of such relatively inexperienced drivers ?

    2. The nose step looks rather ‘blunt’ almost as though the chassis was designed high and then somebody point out the nose had to be a lot lower so they bolted on something with a steeper looking drop than most of the other teams.

  2. Tom (@tomforpresident)
    7th February 2012, 7:44

    looks like they have managed to keep their tiny gear box with the new engine. will need to see more closely to know for sure though.

  3. Williams testing liveries always end up being better than their race liveries, stick with this please Williams!!

    The car looks pretty good actually. Maybe it’s just the dark paint…:)

    1. Oh @geemac, I love it as well, but I don’t see why they changed their retro livery when they have signed Senna. Maybe they wish to forget the past, and I’d understand that, but to have a retro helmet and livery together would be amazing.

      1. Yeah, retro helmet, retro livery, retro manufacturer/engine combo!

        1. yeah that currently above is the worst livery on the grid so far, hopefully its just a testing one.

    2. I had wished for a proper retro livery….going back closer to one of the old Williams Renault designs which were always superb. Randstad and Embratel both use lighter blues, closer to the old Rothmans blue than the dark blue on the car. If only they had used that blue and a yellow outline of the embratel logo so it resembled the FW16-19. I guess they were never going to do that, even though those old designs were classic

  4. Might be just the paintjob, but the side-pods turn down REALLY early.

    1. @dennis Looks like they’ve decided to stick with the ‘tight rear end’.

      1. @AndrewTanner

        Yes, but the sidepods not only seem to curve in towards the center of the car a lot, they are also really short.

    2. Most of the teams have just followed up on Newey’s design from last year….large undercuts for the sidepod intakes, with the intakes themselves being as small as technically possible for cooling. I think the size of the intakes immediately gives away how good the cooling is in smaller being better and less compromise for the aero around to the back of the car. William’s seems not so good. The rest of the rear follows Neweys pull rod rear suspension to get that pronounced coke bottle tight rear end and maximise clean airflow over the rear

  5. Williams Renault sounds a good combination , midfield contenders and might surprise Lotus Renault.
    P.S. is that the Senna logo on front wings again.
    Scary very scary for Bruno and family.
    Best of luck

    1. If you mean right on the tip of the nose, then no, that’s the Williams F1 logo.

      As an aside, Williams have carried the Senna ‘S’ on every livery since his death. It’s on the front wing somewhere.

    2. Yeah, @optimaximal is right. The “Senna S” has been on the nose of every Williams since 1995.

    3. Senna, Williams-Renault

      Please god may there never be another San Marino Grand Prix.

  6. Ryan Williams (@)
    7th February 2012, 7:57

    Another pretty car from Williams. The stepped nose is ugly, but that’s to be expected, and the rest of the car is fantastic to look at. The paint scheme is one of the best of this year in my opinion, especially the blue and white stripes on the air box & engine cover.

    I really hope Williams find some pace this year. It would be great to see a Williams Renault driven by Senna towards the sharper end of the grid this year

  7. OK, that is seriously gorgeous. Even better than last year’s car! Best livery Williams have had in ages. I really hope this car marks a turn in their fortunes. They’ve got the money, the engine, and hopefully they’ll have two good drivers next year.

    1. @damonsmedley
      After seeing last year’s car I was expecting them to do way better than they did.
      This year, due to the loss of EBDs I think the superflat rear end could actually work. The change to Renault might help as well.

      Maybe Senna and Maldonado get their stuff together.

    1. @keithcollantine
      I like car presentations so early in the day.
      Much easier and faster to check out the pics when there aren’t 200 million people trying the same thing at the same time. :P

  8. Very tiny engine cover. Interesting. I hope it would be competitive.

    1. US Williams Fan
      8th February 2012, 4:58

      I thought the same thing. I am both hopeful and optimistic about it! fingers crossed!

  9. Loving the livery, & the Williams-Renault combination just seems right. I don’t think there are any true F1 fans who don’t wish this team well this year.

  10. The car doesn’t look too bad and no surprises there. Their racing overalls is a bit too dull

  11. Only two blades on the front wing? A retrograde step from Gillette, I feel.

    1. :) You’d think they’d at least paint them silver.

  12. This may be a dumb question but what are the circles for just behind the roll hoop? You can see one on both sides infront of the renault graphic.

    1. I believe it’s the exterior engine cut off switch. All the cars have to have them.

      You can see McLaren’s one in this pic (the wee red toggle):

      Ferarri’s one is easier to spot in this pic:

      1. Ok that makes sense now thanks! I thought it was some bizare exaust arangement at first.

  13. Williams’s liveries are always among the best, i hope this year they’re competitive too…

  14. From the branding on the car, Bruno Senna didn’t bring that much money, did he? No wonder they were going for Adrian Sutil initially.

    Also, it’s pretty clear why Williams went with two pay drivers – they have one, maybe two sponsors of their own. Which I would classify as worrisome for any team, but for a publicly traded company this is scary stuff.

    1. it’s pretty clear why Williams went with two pay drivers – they have one, maybe two sponsors of their own.

      Someone needs to speak to PDVSA, Embratel and Gilette – they’re clearly not getting their money’s worth.

      1. PDVSA takes much more money than Bruno’ sponsors put together. Chavez uses people of Venezuela’ s money to support a racing driver in the most capitalist of sports.

        At least Embratel, Gilette and OGX are private companies that support Bruno because they believe in his talent. They don’ t use money from brazilian people, as far as I know.

  15. Loving the colours….and the grooming theme – Gillette & Head & Shoulders! Pantene as main sponsor? If they pay enough, Williams may consider themselves worth it…

    1. Ver, very clever and witty but where do williams go from last season, it will still feel strange if they are racing the torro rossos and the midfield, surely there aim has to be to beat in Findia, Sauber and Torro Rosso otherwis I can not see the decline ending.

  16. I hate to disappoint, but Williams traditionally run a stripped-down version of their livery in testing.

    More than likely we’ll see more white added to the paint scheme, just like last year and in recent years.

    Looks like a nice package. Still maintained the tight rear.

    1. The overalls are mainly blue though, where previously they have been white. And the testing liveries of previous years were just one colour without any actual design. I’d be very suprised if this isn’t the livery that will be seen in the races.

      Lets hope their super-low gearbox works more often this year.

      1. It’s definately 100% a test livery. I emailed Williams to ask.

  17. Livery does look nice, but starting to look a bit bare of sponsors like Sauber, with the loss of AT&T.

  18. Ugly, ugly car, certainly not helped by the paint job; all they had to do was change the nose to the dark blue, but this just looks like they got last year’s car and run out of paint. The drivers’ overalls look like baby-gros. Conjures up images of failed backmarkers of days gone by with weird cars and eyesore liveries.

  19. Love the raw look of that gearbox

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