Williams FW34 launch: First pictures of their 2012 F1 car

2012 F1 cars

The Williams-Renault FW34 has been revealed for the first time at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

After a very poor 2011, in which the team scored just five points and finished ninth in the world championship, Williams are hoping for a changes in fortunes in 2012.

The team have switched engine suppliers from Cosworth to Renault and Bruno Senna joins the team in place of Rubens Barrichello. Pastor Maldonado remains at Williams for a second season.

Team principal Frank Williams said: “One could say that looking at the Williams F1 Team today we are off to a truly fresh start. We have a new car, new driver line up, new engine and new senior personnel.

“We also have a number of new partners who have joined the team in the past few months. I?d like to take this opportunity to welcome them formally and sincerely wish that they have an enjoyable and, most importantly, a valuable experience with us. The team has had a good winter at the factory and we feel ready and strong for the fight.”

Williams FW34 pictures

See more pictures of the Williams FW34 in today’s test.

2012 F1 cars

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Image ?? Williams/LAT

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68 comments on Williams FW34 launch: First pictures of their 2012 F1 car

  1. Loving the colours….and the grooming theme – Gillette & Head & Shoulders! Pantene as main sponsor? If they pay enough, Williams may consider themselves worth it…

    • Tayyib (@m0nzaman) said on 7th February 2012, 10:53

      Ver, very clever and witty but where do williams go from last season, it will still feel strange if they are racing the torro rossos and the midfield, surely there aim has to be to beat in Findia, Sauber and Torro Rosso otherwis I can not see the decline ending.

  2. ECWDanSelby (@ecwdanselby) said on 7th February 2012, 9:41

    I hate to disappoint, but Williams traditionally run a stripped-down version of their livery in testing.

    More than likely we’ll see more white added to the paint scheme, just like last year and in recent years.

    Looks like a nice package. Still maintained the tight rear.

    • The Last Pope (@the-last-pope) said on 7th February 2012, 11:11

      The overalls are mainly blue though, where previously they have been white. And the testing liveries of previous years were just one colour without any actual design. I’d be very suprised if this isn’t the livery that will be seen in the races.

      Lets hope their super-low gearbox works more often this year.

  3. Dan8 (@dan8) said on 7th February 2012, 10:13

    Livery does look nice, but starting to look a bit bare of sponsors like Sauber, with the loss of AT&T.

  4. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 7th February 2012, 10:17

    Ugly, ugly car, certainly not helped by the paint job; all they had to do was change the nose to the dark blue, but this just looks like they got last year’s car and run out of paint. The drivers’ overalls look like baby-gros. Conjures up images of failed backmarkers of days gone by with weird cars and eyesore liveries.

  5. Love the raw look of that gearbox

  6. The livery looks great, the car is not bad (will any 2012 car look good with that horrible nose?)…

    Oh my god, the driver line-up is scary… is this really Williams? Prost, Mansell, Piquet, Rosberg, Hill, Villeneuve, Jones… Maldonado and B. Senna?!

    • Fernando Cruz said on 8th February 2012, 19:23

      Scary is your comment. Do you know Damon Hill took 10 years to get to F1 and Bruno Senna just 4? Do you know Hill never won a single race in F3000 while B. Senna won 3 in GP2 and was second in the championship? Do you really know Maldonado was GP2 champion in 2010?

      Let’s be honest. B. Senna was much better in junior categories than Damon Hill and deserved more to be in Brawn in 2009 than Hill deserved to be in Williams in 1993. With a winning car B. Senna would surely do better than Hill also in F1.

  7. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 7th February 2012, 11:00

    I like the livery, looks angry. Hope they keep it.

    They couldn’t even line the tyres up correctly for Pirelli’s benefit and exposure. Hope that isn’t a sign of things to come!

  8. Cyclops_PL (@cyclops_pl) said on 7th February 2012, 11:49

    Shoot me guys, but I find the ugliest of the pack. And the colors make it even worse. As with Lotus the dark livery looks nice, here it just makes the car look um… unimpressive, flat and slow (I know one cannot judge speed by the looks but still..)

  9. ECWDanSelby (@ecwdanselby) said on 7th February 2012, 12:12

    The final image at a glance reminds me of the 1997 cars.

    Also, seeing the C31 out on track yesterday reminded me of them, too.

    ’97 cars were definitely alot nicer, though.

  10. MinusTwo (@minustwo) said on 7th February 2012, 12:44

    I dont know… personally to me this looks like exactly what it is – a car designed on a budget. The level of detail all over the car looks far less than what wome of he top teams have come up with. This is, of course, my uneducated opinion based on pictures of the outside, but I cant help but fear for the season ahead.

  11. So, it now seems as though the McLaren will be the only car WITHOUT a stepped nose and WITH square side pod intakes rather than triangular ones.

    Is this because they are better than everyone else, or worse?

    Or will we see a different car in Melbourne (as Martin Whitmarsh said) than to the one they launched

    • topdowntoedown (@topdowntoedown) said on 7th February 2012, 16:58

      Personally, I wonder why the teams even bother with a launch these days.

      They’re clearly not going to give everyone in the world high-res photos of the actual “Race 1″ front wing, rear diffuser, floor, rear wing, etc etc. Basically the only thing you learn from the launches is “yes, it’s got a stepped nose” and what colour it is.

    • Solo (@solo) said on 7th February 2012, 19:21

      To be fair Whitmarsh said that basically everyone will have a different car but anyway those basic things probably won’t change. He was talking more about exhaust, diffusers and wings. I expect Mclaren will still have the same nose and side-pods we see now come racing day.

  12. VoiseyS (@voisey) said on 7th February 2012, 13:30

    I’m surprised that they kept the dark blue livery, as wasn’t that due to RBS being their main sponsor? I much prefer the royal blue/white/yellow of the 90’s era cars.

  13. Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 7th February 2012, 14:21

    Williams, I love ya… but that is one of the ugliest nose steps yet :/

    I have to be honest. These photos fill me with a more anxious feeling about this season than one of hope. I like Bruno a lot and I hope for the best for him, but there’s just something about looking at these pictures that make me feel off…

  14. Skett (@skett) said on 7th February 2012, 14:38

    The more I look at this car the more it seems to have potential.

    The sidepods are tight and have a fair amount of undercut before tapering out very quickly (assumably because of their gearbox), they’re front brake ducts seem almost non existant and can anybody else figure out how exactly the front wing is attached? Its barely touching the struts!

  15. jonty said on 7th February 2012, 15:02

    Never mind the livery. the old saying is that if it looks fast then it probably is.
    They are all plug ugly.
    Yet more tampering with what should be the most
    beautiful and efficient cars in the world.

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