5 comments on “Pastor Maldonado, Bruno Senna, Williams FW34, 2012”

  1. Good job F1 isn’t a spectator sport or anything with all these butt ugly machines.
    I wish Williams a return to the glory days – but can’t see it.

    1. US Williams Fan
      8th February 2012, 5:01

      We can only hope that those glory days will come back! as for the car- i could care less if it is the “ugliest” car on the grid – as long as it is in the points every race!

      oh, and thanks for the pics keith!

  2. peru-kowalsky
    7th February 2012, 13:26

    this is like a come back to the early 80’s. All very basic.

  3. Well at least that front wing doesn’t have dandruff ;) #winning

  4. Those sidepods are ridiculous, look how early they finish. I thought they’d be changing their approach at the back seeing how bad the FW33 was, but hopefully they can use it well this year.

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