Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Suzuka, 2011

Newey: “I can’t see myself going anywhere else”

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Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Suzuka, 2011
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Suzuka, 2011

In the round-up: Adrian Newey scotches talk of him eventually moving to Ferrari, saying he’d prefer to stay where he is.


Newey staying at Red Bull (The Telegraph)

“To be perfectly honest I can’t see myself going anywhere else. I’ve been very centrally involved with the team from very early on and proud we’ve been able to get from where we were, and the ashes of Jaguar, to where we are today.”

Motor racing-Button gives new McLaren an early thumbs-up (Reuters)

“There are no niggly areas with the car, which is nice. Quite different to last year. So I’m happy. I’m very happy in the car. I’m in a good position. I’m really low, which I always like, trying to get as low as possible, with the way that the car is.”

Teams fear exhaust saga not over yet (Autosport)

Adrian Newey: “The FIA has been reasonably specific in what they will and won’t allow exhaust wise. They don’t want to see what have been capture ducts scooping the exhaust flow out of a fully enclosed duct, and then using that scoop to duct it somewhere else on the car. Plus, we have the various exclusion zones where you can’t have bodywork.”

Marussia plan Pic stay after 2012 campaign (Daily Mail)

Andy Webb: “I think there is some long-term potential for him. I’m looking really to see if he can go forward for more than one year.”

Tombazis: “The first day is always a special feeling” (Ferrari)

“This car represents a clear break with the one that preceded it and it features concepts that are very different for us and that require much more fine tuning. That?s why today we absolutely did not have an eye on the stopwatch, preferring to concentrate on gathering as much data as possible in order to get as good an understanding as possible of the behaviour of the car.”

And the winner is… Don’t tell us! (The Guardian)

“One BBC viewer (and listener) took their complaint all the way to the BBC Trust after the results of the Australian Grand Prix qualifying round were read out on a Radio 4 news bulletin. They said the corporation should take greater care when reading out results and certainly only do so in a sports ?ǣ rather than general news ?ǣ bulletin.”

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Comment of the day

The 2012 F1 cars may look dreadful, but at least they sound better, points out damonsmedley:

The one thing I?m absolutely loving so far is the videos coming out from Jerez. Not because the bump in the nose less noticeable at speed; but because we?re finally hearing the V8s in all of their glory, unspoiled by the awful racket we had to put up with last year thanks to exhaust-blown diffusers. The sound is back to how it should be, and I?m thrilled!

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