Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

Former Hakkinen adviser Coton to work with Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton gets a new manager but may still be called as a witness in Adrian Sutil’s ongoing legal action.


Hamilton gets hired help from his management company (Daily Mirror)

“Didier Coton has been appointed by his management company, London-based XIX Entertainment. Coton had worked closely with ex-driver Keke Rosberg?s driver management company and guided the career of double McLaren world champion Mika Hakkinen and now runs his own operation, Aces Management.”

‘Pig ugly’ F1 cars are snout of order (The Sun)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “I have to agree with the general sentiment that the cars are damn ugly.”

Motor racing-Ferrari have lots to do, says Massa (Reuters)

“‘Actually there is a lot of work,’ he told reporters with muted body language that suggested he was far from thrilled with what he had experienced so far. ‘It is a brand new car and it is not a [type of] car that we had in the last years; even to start with. So it is a car that needs a lot more work, a car that you need a lot more things to try as well.'”

Adrian Sutil and prosecution appeal against sentence in Munich trial

“As with the first case, it is understood that Hamilton will attend any retrial, but again providing it does not clash with his commitments.”

Schumacher: Title-winning car unlikely

“I don’t think we can realistically achieve a championship car immediately from where we started last year, we have to build our way there.”

HRT F1 Team establishes its permanent headquarters in the Caja Magica (HRT)

“After months of evaluations and negotiations in which diverse options have been assessed, Spanish team HRT has finally opted for the facilities of the Complejo Deportivo Madrid Caja Magica to locate its permanent headquarters.”

Exclusive Kobayashi Q&A: I want so much more from 2012 (F1)

“[On Tuesday] I ran the ‘standard model’ and Friday will be a first development step for us. Of course we don?t know now if it works, but we all hope it will. If it works as we hope it should improve our lap times. And it?s always about lap times!”

Barrichello ponders move to Indycar (ESPN)

Rubens Barrichello is set to decide next week whether he will switch from Formula One to the IndyCar series for 2012 following the decision by Williams not to retain him for the current season.”

Hard graft paying off for Di Resta (The Times, subscription required)

“Di Resta has brought in Gerry Convy, former soldier and trainer for David Coulthard, to handle his training regime this year and the effects are already paying off after a few weeks of hard work.”

Heikki Kovalainen via Twitter

“Good day today, ran KERS for the first time and no issues, also set-up work done so good catch up after yesterday…”

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Comment of the day

“F1 is not about seeing which driver is the best” – a though-provoking opinion from Palle, albeit one I suspect many people may disagree with:

To be a proper F1 Fanatic I think You need to understand that F1 is a fascinating sport, where the competition comprises of:

Finance ?ǣ how to attract more sponsor money and get more prize money
Design ?ǣ how to design the best racecar within the written letter of the rules
Production ?ǣ how to produce the best racecar, to last a race distance
Tuning ?ǣ how to tune the cars setup etc. to suit the driver
Tyres ?ǣ Understand the tyres and adjust the car and driving style
Strategy ?ǣ how to plan development over the season
Tactics ?ǣ how to manage the resources in races to get the edge
Pit crew ?ǣ how to perform perfect pit-stops in cooperation with drivers
Motivation ?ǣ how to motivate the whole team to perform, perform
Drivers ?ǣ how to attract and keep the best drivers
Future ?ǣ how to develop the business, recruiting talents etc…

I have probably forgotten something important.

To me F1 is not about seeing which driver is the best, so rules have to leave room for designing new innovative solutions, and make it possible for a team to get a reward for being more innovative than the rest, i.e. not change the rules during a season as soon as someone have got an advantage.

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