Jerez test day four in pictures

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Pictures from the final day of testing at Jerez.

Apologies, no pictures of the McLaren are available here at present.

F1 pictures

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus F1 Team, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Sauber F1 Team, Caterham, Pirelli

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44 comments on Jerez test day four in pictures

  1. Keith H said on 10th February 2012, 17:40

    Why no McLaren Pics? There were 3 of Button on day 2 and that’s it.

  2. More images will be added below. Apologies, no pictures of the McLaren are available here at present.


  3. To everyone who wants other pictures, including McLaren ones: go to the gallery you choose, then drag-and-drop a picture from the gallery to a new tab, and in the URL remove the dimensions of the image (most times it’s: 597×478/ ) and you will have the full-res picture.

  4. 2Ugandan Discussions said on 10th February 2012, 17:54

    I said it yesterday as well as last season and I will say it again.
    The McLaren car is much too quick for cameras!!
    The MP4-27 is particulary notorious! I mean, Lewis did 86 laps today!

  5. I had the same question, why no pictures of the beautiful Mclaren? Is this a ploy forgetting us used to the ugliness of the cars by omitting the only car that’s lookable?

  6. nemo87 (@nemo87) said on 10th February 2012, 18:09

    woaaaah.. vettel trying to rip off the senna logo there. NO LIKEY!!

    • He has had that for ages…
      And I don’t really see the similarities between the Senna logo and his. Its an S yeah, but other then that..

      • nemo87 (@nemo87) said on 11th February 2012, 9:59

        do you not think so..? just how he has used the S and a chicane bend as senna’s logo is.. then just slapped vettel underneath

  7. JamieFranklinF1 (@jamiefranklinf1) said on 10th February 2012, 18:14

    There are pictures of the McLaren about, you just have to look for them. I have seen quite a few on the Sky website, and on the official F1 site too.

    Perhaps those are the only two sites that can either pay or already have the rights to show them?

    Anyway, the car looks good, and I’m sure they’re trying to be efficient by nor allowing too many pictures out, so that other teams can’t scan the car for possible new ideas. But then again, having said that, I’m sure all teams think that way.

  8. nemo87 (@nemo87) said on 10th February 2012, 18:14



  9. davros said on 10th February 2012, 19:31

    I think Vettel having a different helmet design for each day of the test is a bit over the top.

    • Anti-RBR (@matt2208) said on 10th February 2012, 23:03

      Just abit.

    • For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone cares what he does with his own helmet.

      • Because people recognise drivers by their helmets.

        Not that i care much either, but its something that is associated with a drivers character.

        • I understand that maintaining the same helmet design over time is the norm, and the fact that Vettel has decided to get creative with it is yet another thing people motivated to dislike him can tick off on their list of reasons. However, if they’re truly having a tough time identifying him out on the circuit, here’s a helpful hint: look for the guy in the RB car who isn’t Mark Webber. (Also frequently useful: look for the guy who’s out in front.)

    • codesurge (@codesurge) said on 11th February 2012, 19:44

      I liked his helmet yesterday with the list of all the 2012 tracks on the top.

  10. Jerez is finished. Andalucia cries tiers of gold…

  11. deb lomax said on 17th February 2012, 17:23

    i was at Jerez and got pictures of Hamilton and he was brilliant…Alonso only went out twice and did 2 laps….Hamilton went out 3 times doing 14 laps at a time..if you want i can upload the photos…need to learn how….

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