Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012

Caption Competition 5: HRT

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012
Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012

It’s not been a good week for HRT. The team admitted their new car’s debut had been delayed as it had failed a crash test.

Is this what Pedro de la Rosa was discussing with team principal Luis Perez-Sala? Supply your caption for the picture above in the comments.

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182 comments on “Caption Competition 5: HRT”

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  1. Missed it by that much…

  2. I say old chum, I seem to have misplaced my pipe.

    1. Brilliant!

      although, can i add a second line.

      “Never mind that Pedro, I’ve lost my car!”

    2. Damn, competition is over at the second comment. Impossible to do better!

    3. @ajokay Well done, didn’t realise you got in your winner so early.

  3. P DLR: ‘I thought you said the car was alright now? Why the delay?’

    L P-S: ‘no Pedro, I said the car’s all white now! We’re trying a new disguise’

  4. No, really? I’m driving that?!

  5. I think we’re gonna need bigger airbags…

  6. With HRT’s future looking uncertain, De La Rosa got some practice in for the World Invisible Pipe Smoking Championship just in case.

    1. Hahaha!! Lovely, @dan-thorn!

    2. I’m sorry that I beat you by 30 seconds @dan-thorn

  7. Pedro: “So Luis, you’re old and never really had much luck in F1. Why aren’t you driving?”

  8. “erm.. i heard from somewhere that Nissan’s going to be our biggest rivals next year?”

    1. Winner.

      1. in fairness nissan owns infiniti which is a redbull sponsor so this is probably correct. ;)

  9. Pedro de La Rosa and Luis Perez-Sala argue about who should kill himself first as the HRT disaster lives on for another year.

  10. Another competition. Guess who´s older

  11. Luis, the Paella looks great but tell the cook to put not much peas.

  12. “When I was asked if I’d benefit from HRT, I’d assumed it was to offset the effects of ageing”

    1. christopheraser
      11th February 2012, 11:56


  13. “OK the pizzas I ordered are on the nose cone”…..”mmmm, yeah something we’ve designed that’s fit for purpose, like it!

  14. “I told you – gaffer tape fixes everything.”

  15. Did u hear any news on our salary pending for last year ? , Ah, Forget it. They have asked us to spend it to develop a new car , after failing to pass crash test.

  16. “I wish we had one of those”

    1. lol that’s what i was gona say and might i add the line

      “what ever it is”

  17. “Maybe we should have done the crash test without Narain in the car?”

    1. I like this one

    2. So funny! Tears coming out of our eyes now. Funniest one yet. Thanks for the laugh! Just what we needed.

    3. FlyingLobster27
      11th February 2012, 13:03

      Very good one.

  18. “Do you really think Ferrari were serious when they said that they wanted to swap cars with us this year?”

  19. De La Rosa: “This is how much testing the new HRT will do”.

  20. I say Luis, why does it only have 3 wheels? Surely that’s not a safety precaution of ours? Is it?

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