Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012

Caption Competition 5: HRT

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012
Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012

It’s not been a good week for HRT. The team admitted their new car’s debut had been delayed as it had failed a crash test.

Is this what Pedro de la Rosa was discussing with team principal Luis Perez-Sala? Supply your caption for the picture above in the comments.

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182 comments on “Caption Competition 5: HRT”

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  1. DLR: Hang on, isn’t there supposed to be a car there?

  2. No no no, don’t worry, as long as I stay behind Vettel we don’t need the side impact protection too much….

  3. “This was all trees when I were a lad”

  4. “That? **** it. I’ll just walk.”

    1. Or: “I thought you said you’re from Ferrari. That doesn’t look like a Ferrari. Where’s the Ferrari?”

  5. uum luis……whats the old car doing here???

  6. Luis: We’re at the wrong end of the grid, aren’t we.
    DLR: Yep. Just act normal, slowly walk back, no one will notice…

  7. This season’s HRT will be launched in Australia… 2011

  8. Poor Sebastian – he may have the best car, but apparently it’s only that big..

  9. Not only did HRT fail the crash test but Pedro couldn’t even do the Vettel finger properly

    1. FlyingLobster27
      11th February 2012, 13:04

      Nice too.

  10. “Crikey, I never knew Britney was here”

    1. ok this was a terrible attempt.

  11. “Doesn’t look good from here, either”

  12. “If I knew that HRT stands for Hispania Reluctantly Testing I wouldn’t have signed for the team.”

    1. I thought that this year the team would be be able to test with the new car. But once again, for a third straight year that seems unlikely.

  13. So I left Mclaren for this?
    Yeah… By the way… your insurance is in order right?

  14. “Stop picking your nose Pedro”

  15. De la Rosa: “So yeah, the car is good but… wait, who’s that in the car with my helmet??”

  16. we’ll just give him a couple of minutes for his hot lap

  17. Now that we have failed the crash test, is Narain and his money coming ?

    11th February 2012, 11:46

    “Look on the bright side Pedro, our HRT jackets did make it to Jerez”

  19. Pedro asks for Pipe to be fitted in HRT, reckons could give it a couple of tenths.

  20. Pedro: “I thought you said all the Grand Prix Masters cars were the same specifitcation?”

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