Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012

Caption Competition 5: HRT

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012
Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez, 2012

It’s not been a good week for HRT. The team admitted their new car’s debut had been delayed as it had failed a crash test.

Is this what Pedro de la Rosa was discussing with team principal Luis Perez-Sala? Supply your caption for the picture above in the comments.

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182 comments on “Caption Competition 5: HRT”

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  1. pssst over here.

    *looks both ways*

    I have lotus’ front wing under my jacket i nicked it whilst they were all busy watching lewis pit.

  2. Well Luis, that rear impact structures gonna need SOME doin!!

  3. Pedro: “I told the engineer that in the upper part of the stepped nose he shall but the lunchbox so I can have my tapas during races”

  4. Pedro: “I’m really sorry, but I realized I will have a full schedule this season, but don’t worry, my mom will drive it”

  5. “I could start to get excited if I knew which end’s the front”

    “Me too pal. Me too.”

  6. Is it meant to look like that or was that my foalt!!!

  7. Pedro: “for goodness sake, it’s supposed to be racing, not Sunday afternoon driving”

  8. Eje Gustafsson
    12th February 2012, 5:23

    It’s all in the nose..

  9. With no car for winter testing, HRT turn their attentions to the world of consumer electronics and produce the worlds smallest mobile phone.

  10. Do you think all that hair is really benefiting Alonso & Ferrari, Luis???…

  11. Tell me Luis, will this Karthikeyan bloke have a car to race this season or do I have to share mine?

    Don’t you worry about that Pedro, only one of you is gonna qualify anyway.

  12. Hey Luis, tell me about our new car. Does it have a broken nose, or is the whole thing broken?

  13. No need to shave this year, think I’ll be staring at the car stroking my moustache more than I’ll be driving it.

  14. Pedro:”ergh its one ugly f1 car”
    Salez:”you should see the new one”

  15. Pedro: “Ok, theoretically it is a race car, but….”

  16. Pedro: “Seriously, don’t say manana to me once again, I know all to well what it means.”

  17. Pedro de La Rosa “This Car is a winner we should move to Gp2 qucikly to achive that”

  18. If only F1 fans would show us a teenie weenie bit of sympathy…. We need it so badly

    1. What do you mean by “we”?

        1. OK – do you work for them or something?

          1. No I dont. Just a regular F1 Fanatic. Just feel like everybody is beating up on them so much. They deserve a lot of it as they seem to mess up time and time again. Let them be and lets see maybe they will atleast beat Marussia this time

          2. Maybe I didnt put it in the right format causing the confusion.
            Pedro de La Rosa :”If only F1 fans would show us a teenie weenie bit of sympathy…. We need it so badly”

  19. Luis: If only we’d hired Rubins; we would’ve only needed to pay the pensioner’s fees with Bernie for our entry, then we could’ve had more cash to work on the front wing.

    Pedro: Yeah, but to qualify for the concession we need to fit a walking frame to the car, and I need two – 1 spare in case I have a crash.

  20. Karl Blackmore
    13th February 2012, 18:21

    What do you mean ‘stop picking, were live’ I thought we were supposed to get a count in?

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