Pirelli choose softer tyres for first three races

2012 F1 season

Bruno Senna, Williams, Jerez, 2012

Bruno Senna tests Pirelli's 2012 tyres in Jerez

Pirelli have announced the tyre compounds which will be available at the first three races of the 2012 season.

F1’s official tyre supplier will bring softer selections from their range for the opening races, compared to those which were used last year.

Pirelli have previously announced their 2012 soft, medium and hard compounds are softer than those used last year.

The tyre choices for the first three races are as follows:

Race 2012 tyre compounds 2011 tyre compounds
Australian Grand Prix Soft/medium Soft/hard
Malaysian Grand Prix Medium/hard Soft/hard
Chinese Grand Prix Soft/medium Soft/hard

2012 F1 season

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50 comments on Pirelli choose softer tyres for first three races

  1. GeorgeDaviesF1 (@georgedaviesf1) said on 15th February 2012, 23:14

    Has Hard and Medium ever been a combo before since 2 compound rule was introduced in 2007? Off top of my head, I’m saying no…

  2. I may be on the minority side but I feel that Pirelli made F1 less intresting last year.

    I know that most will point to the high passing figures & point out how Pirelli played a big role in that but in my opinion much of what Pirelli brought to F1 was artificial nonsence.

    Watching cars simply cruising past other cars because of the difference in compounds or because of differing wear rates was just as bad as watching someone cruise easily past another car because of DRS.

    The Pirelli’s didn’t create better racing just like DRS didn’t produce better racing, All both did was generate overly easy passing at the expence of actual racing.

    Both the tyres & DRS severely devalued overtaking last year & in many cases made the “pass” predictable, Not what good racing is!

    Jook at Mark Webber’s comments post Shanghai about how the passing he did wasn’t very fun because the cars he was driving by had nothing to defend with, I for one did not find that sort of “Racing” fun to watch.

    Give me a real, close racing battle with a legit overtake over the garbage DRS/Pirelli led pass-fest we had through 2011 anyday!

    • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 16th February 2012, 9:25

      I do agree with you to a certain extent. I agree with your point about the Pirelli’s being no better or worse than DRS. I think tyres tend to be forgiven as they’re seen as a fundamental part of the car (obviously) whereas aero is a relative and still not completely understood newcomer. Both tyres and aero carry heavy burdens for the car and both have been engineered to perform a certain way.

  3. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 16th February 2012, 2:01

    Weren’t it suppose to be there a big gap between the two tyre compounds that is choose in each weekend? Like Soft & Hard together & Super-Soft & Medium together? Don’t understand why they took Hard in Malaysia??

  4. Anti-RBR (@matt2208) said on 16th February 2012, 7:36

    Well the more softer the tyres the better for ferrari. they should get the most out of the tyres this year.. Thanks Pirelli.. Thats what i want too see, ferrari & Mclaren back on top. None of this RedBull Buy our drink And be a sheep ********.

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