Jarno Trulli, Flavio Briatore, Renault, Suzuka, 2002

Caption Competition 6: Jarno Trulli

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Jarno Trulli, Flavio Briatore, Renault, Suzuka, 2002
Jarno Trulli, Flavio Briatore, Renault, Suzuka, 2002

Jarno Trulli has lost his F1 seat for 2012, bringing to an end a career which began in 1997.

Here he is during his three-year stint at Renault, sporting an unusual jacket and chewing the fat with Flavio Briatore.

But what’s being said? As ever it’s over to you to supply a caption.

You know the drill be now – remember to look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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137 comments on “Caption Competition 6: Jarno Trulli”

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  1. This is what used to make me glide through corners!

  2. “With great power steering, comes great responsibility”

    1. @legnig Hahaha Brilliant!

    2. hahaha love it! Absolutely love it!

    3. :D Quite a few really good ones today

  3. JT: Hey boss look what i got at that schumacher auction great eh!
    FB: Whata you thinka you do eh! make me so mad i gotta go an have some white stuff of my own tipped on naomi’s breast’s.

  4. “Jarno, I’m sorry…no matter what you wear, you’re no Mark WEBber”

  5. “Eh Flavio, you gotta any good tips to impressa the ladies here inna Japan?”

    “Just get rid of the ridiculous jacket Jarno, just get rid of the jacket.”

  6. Soooo. Spin out here…..and get another 11 years in f1, yyyyeeeaaa. I get ya hehe

  7. FB: Jarno, your race seat is hanging by a single thread

  8. Trulli: “Are you sure these cobwebs will give me better grip in the corners?”


  10. Briatore: “Why are you wearing that?”
    Trulli: “I want to drive for Ferrari.”

  11. Flavio, when you told me leaving Caterham would be a good idea…

  12. Jarno Trulli thinks his new training jacket will be perfect for dusting off the cobwebs during the long winter break.

  13. “Jarno, do you know that saying, ‘Fernando is faster than you’? I invented that.”

  14. Take a few pictures of me, so I can show them to Adrian!

  15. So where are you going to be in 10 years time then?

  16. By day, he’s a mere train conductor.

    By night, however, he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

    He is Trulliman.

  17. JT: ‘My spidey senses are tingling…’
    FB: ‘Will your speedy senses ever tingle?’

  18. Flavio: “In a couple of years, if you’ve been fired and are trying to think what you could have possibly done to deserve it, think back to this moment.”

  19. When Italians were all happy…

    1. yes yes me like

  20. trulli-man, trulli-man, does whatever a trulli can.
    hold up cars, like a train,
    faster guys go insane,
    look out, he is a trulli-man.

    1. My drink went through my nose while reading this.

    2. Best so far!!!

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