Mercedes W03, Silverstone, 2012

Private Barcelona test for Mercedes W03

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Mercedes W03, Silverstone, 2012
Mercedes W03, Silverstone, 2012

In the round-up: Mercedes complete a full day of testing with their new W03 at the Circuit de Catalunya.


Mercedes via Twitter

“[The] W03 had a second track outing today as we completed a private test in Barcelona. Michael [Schumacher] drove this morning and Nico [Rosberg] this afternoon. Over 300km completed for our testing programme with the new car. To confirm: under the testing agreement, not running on the final day of the team test in Jerez allowed us to nominate a private test day.”

Mercedes conducts full test at Barcelona with W03 (Adam Cooper)

“Although the reduced running with the new car is obviously a handicap ?ǣ with only the two four day tests at Barcelona still to come ?ǣ Mercedes won back an extra day with the W03 by using only three of the four available days at Jerez with the old car. Under the testing agreement, missing that day earned the team a private test, which it utilised today ?ǣ with no prying eyes and no red flags caused by others to disrupt running.”

BIC all set for ‘Unif1ed’ Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix (Bahrain International Circuit)

Bahrain International Circuit chief executive Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa: “Based on the success of past Grands Prix, we are all together looking forward to staging yet another spectacular Formula One weekend. We are excited about making Bahrain proud and for the whole world to see that we are indeed One Nation in Celebration.”

Petrov ready to fly (Sky)

“They have KERS and in August they will move to a new factory. I like what they are doing and I like to be part of this team.”

Mike Gascoyne via Twitter

“On the F1 side will still be at most races with Caterham F1 for the next few years. Have to be there for our first points and podiums.”

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Comment of the day

Journeyer on Italy’s F1 driver drought:

I think Italy?s priorities are very clear. They sure were in 1983 at Imola. Riccardo Patrese was leading and was set to take his first home win. But when Patrese made a mistake and crashed out, the crowd roared in cheer, because it allowed the Frenchman Patrick Tambay to win.

What was Tambay driving? A Ferrari, of course.

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