HRT’s ‘F112’ is last year’s car

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Update: Here’s the real HRT F112.

HRT published an image of a car labelled the ‘F112’ on their website today.

However the team later confirmed the car in question was actually a F111 – the 2011 model.

Here is the image which was published today:

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  1. So they’re not stepped nose anyway. Mclaren, you’re not alone.

  2. They’re some nice black wheels. Because thats all I can see on that white background!

  3. Interestingly, HRT have still got Liuzzi in their drivers’ section, below Dani Clos… Clos’ role is “test driver”, Liuzzi’s is “driver”.
    As they have revisited completely the site for 2012, it’s almost impossible that they’ve missed him – actually it looks like they’ve updated his profile. Or they might want to keep all the drivers who drove for them since 2011.

    1. They probably have a rotor system going. “Am I driving this weekend? No? what about the race after that? Okay, maybe.”

      1. I hope you’re right @electrolite! :’D

    2. “Driver” could mean manning the forklifts for all we know :D

  4. I believe that’s the f111, if it’s the F112 then why worry about the crash tests, use the f111.

  5. Plus I’m sure HRT are using KERS this year

  6. If McLaren weren’t worried about their nose before, they will be now.

  7. Is this the car before or after the crash test?

  8. @keithcollantine have you contacted HRT? because apparently that’s not the F112 after all.

  9. Looks alright so far, and De La Rosa should be able to extract what performance it has hidden away, but it does look a bit too similar to last year’s car, which was rather similar to the 2010 car. Time will tell…

  10. I’m pretty sure it’s the F111 (which may in deed end up racing this year!)- check this image out of the car at the same angle:

    1. It may be the same Chassis, but some parts look different.

      1. Although that may be due to this being a rendering.

  11. HRT have now confirmed the car is actually last year’s car, despite being clearly referred to as an “F112” on their website.

    I have (heavily) revised the article above accordingly.

  12. I Love Pope Benedict XVI
    21st February 2012, 18:09

    Is Andrea Sassetti secretly running this team?

  13. I love how much support HRT are getting these days, I’ve always respected them and had a soft spot for them! I want to give them a big cuddle.

    Whatever happens with the car, I’m looking forward to their livery.

    1. *member of the HRT fan club*

  14. At least they aren’t USF1, now that’s a poor team.

  15. 1st thought,thanks other then Mclaren someone did turn up with a good nose.

  16. I’d missed the news the “F112” was actually the F111… the real F112 is different, luckily (but not too much).

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