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Mercedes W03 officially revealed in Spain

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The Mercedes W03 has been shown off for the first time at the Circuit de Catalunya.

As seen in the spy shots last week, the W03 has a pronounced step in its nose, similar to that of several other F1 cars.

Team principal Ross Brawn said: “Notwithstanding the distinctive nose design, which is certainly an acquired taste, the F1 W03 is an elegant interpretation of the current regulations, and a clear step forward over its predecessor in terms of detail design and sophistication.

“Last year, we produced a very bold car and, although its more radical elements didn’t always deliver the results we had hoped for, the experience we gained has been invaluable to the design of the 2012 car.”

Mercedes will have high expectations of the W03 following the strengthening of its technical team over the last 12 months, which included the hiring of Aldo Costa, Geoff Willis and Bob Bell.

Vice president of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Norbert Haug said: “2012 will mark the third season for our Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows works team, which was introduced in January 2010, and our target is to take a step forward in on-track performance.

“A lot of work has been done throughout the last year, not just to design the new car but also to build a technical organisation that is capable of delivering to its full potential, with consistency. Our ultimate goal is to become regular race winners and championship contenders, and so to write another chapter of success in the story of the Silver Arrows which began 78 years ago.”

The team revealed the car is built of 4,500 parts – 200 more than its predecessor – and has a lower “core weight” than the W02, before ballast is added to bring it up to the minimum limit. They added the car passed all the FIA crash tests at its first attempt last month.

Mercedes tested the car at the Circuit de Catalunya prior to the start of today’s test.

Mercedes W03 pictures

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  1. These black things on sidepods are exhaust outlets? I wonder if they are aimed to power up the DRS…

  2. As others said, they do look happy.

    And there are so many little things they do different this year, which seem to make a lot of sense, so let’s hope they can mix in at the top!

    And then let’s have an all season battle between 6 champions!

  3. For a fan that’s been a big supporter of BAR, Honda, Brawn and now Mercedes since I started following the sport, it would be fantastic to see them up there this year. Even since I saw anything of the W03, I’ve been completely convinced.

  4. Nose a bit like Mig-21! Should be finally at the same speed and maneuver… :-)

  5. So strangely enough, last night I dreamed that Mercedes revealed their car and it had 2 noses done in a horseshoe shape on the front. Thank god that didn’t come true X)

  6. The WO3 looks ok until you see it face on.. I’m actually very dissapointed with the “stepped nose situation” this year.

    The dimensional restrictions really shouldn’t force teams to drastically stunt the development of one part of the car..

    The reason it looks ugly is that it’s less organic.. appearance has always been important when it comes to motoring and motorsport.. Part of the beauty of the sport is to see how closely engineers can mimic naturally occuring things in machinary; suspension, safety structures, aerodynamics. These designs tend towards naturally occuring things like cheetahs legs, turtle shells and falcons. IMO the regulations need to restrict teams in a way that does not restrict this organic growth.

    I hope 2012 will be a tightly faught contest between 6 WDCs and some great teams, but it will always be remembered as an ugly year in F1. That’s unfortunate.

  7. am i the only one who thinks they havent changed their front wing design since the late brawn days? lol.

  8. love how the colour of the mercedes is slowly getting more chrome like the mclaren. have to say the matte silver paint looked bad on the older mercedes.

  9. I’m sorry but it looks hidious.

    1. Forgot to add, but I do hope it gives some good competition to everyone.

  10. Does anyone know why michael made today a few laps in intermediate tyres? He did so last year in a FP in dry conditions and don’t know why. Maybe to know how inters degradate when track is getting dry? I can’t imagine any other reason as with this conditions the information you can take is not notable, is it?.. Sorry about my english!

  11. I feel nervous saying that I think Mercedes have got it nailed but judging by what Nico said about the teams improved cohesion as a collective as well as that being transferred to the car in terms of optimised weight distribution, it just sounds too good to NOT bag a win. They seem to be speaking it up in a way that isn’t aloof or over-confident, but a sense of knowing professionalism and having the facility to make the car flexible to their needs.

  12. Like I’ve said last week the car has nothing eye popping as we should had expected theres nothing more to be done anyways all these cars must have beautifully enginered part under the “hood”.

  13. Probably my favourite 2012 car. Beast looks and, at least imo, an awesome livery.

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