3 comments on “Mercedes W03, 2012”

  1. K. Rieke, NY, NY
    21st February 2012, 18:12

    That really is an ugly nose, but so are all the others. I should know the answer to this, but why did FIA insist on lowering the noses in the first place? I realize why the teams didn’t want to lower the entire chassis for aerodynamic reasons and continuity from prior years’ designs. I would love to understand what is behind this – better visibilty for drivers, lower speeds, better front end grip … ?

    1. its to stop the nose from penetrating the cockpit of another car in the case of a side impact.

  2. it was done for safety reasons. in the event of a t-bone there is less chance of the nose rising over the sidepod and hitting the driver in the head. This rule change is purely out of safety for the drivers.
    the nose is most definately the ugliest so far but i wonder wether merc has somin sneaky inside of it because the tubular design certainly is odd. The front vent is more likely to be driver cooling unlike the red bull one which most certainly isnt for driver cooling

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