Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012

Ecclestone tips Hamilton to leave McLaren and wants Schumacher at Red Bull

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012

In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone suggests Lewis Hamilton could leave McLaren and says he’d like to see Michael Schumacher win again.

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Ecclestone: Hamilton may leave McLaren (Daily Telegraph)

“I think if he doesn’t perform this year he’ll be looking maybe to move on, and the team may also be looking for him to move on.”

“I’d like to see him in a good car”: F1 supremo Ecclestone wants Schumacher in a Red Bull (Daily Mirror)

“It would be nice if Michael won a race wouldn’t it. I’d like to see him in a good car. I’d like to see him in the second Red Bull.”

Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead as planned, says Bernie Ecclestone (The Guardian)

“Nobody is saying we’re not going or we don’t want to go or anything. Everybody is quite positive. I’ve told all the teams there’s no problem at all. I’m absolutely 100% sure we’ll go there and there will be no problem.”

FIA to close off ECU loophole (Autosport)

“An updated version of the software for F1’s Standard ECU – which controls the engine maps – will be released before the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.”

Tata Communications seeks brand boost via F1 (Reuters India)

“Tata Communications will use its undersea cable and its IT networks to transmit data and live video from the 20 Grand Prix locations as the circuit tours the globe. It will also host the Formula1.com website in a multi-year deal for which financial terms were not disclosed.”

Q&A with Toro Rosso?s Jean-Eric Vergne (F1)

“It would be fantastic if one day somebody would call me the next Sebastian Vettel. For me he?s the best driver on the grid right now. But then again I don?t want to be anybody else – I want to be myself: a driver who is winning races. I don?t need anybody to tell me to win as I am the first one who wants that.”

Ferrari, RBR change final test plans (Yahoo)

“Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have changed their testing plans for next month and will now run at Barcelona from March 2-5.”

Prost is new Renault ambassador (Joe Saward)

Alain Prost has been named as Renault?s new international ambassador.”

Japanese mother builds Red Bull RB8 replica for four-year old son (Japanese)

Brilliant pictures of a model RB8 built out of cardboard – right down to the 2012-style nose! Thanks to Journeyer for the tip.

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Comment of the day

Amid optimism over McLaren’s potential this year, Daniel Thomas wonders what the consequences might be for Lewis Hamilton versus Jenson Button round three:

Reading that article on Hamilton and Button?s optimism is good news for McLaren fans.

But if their car is quick enough to win from the start this could be the year their sweet relationship begins to sour.

Tabloid-ish, sure, but an exciting prospect nonetheless.
Daniel Thomas

From the forum

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Pedro de la Rosa who is 41 today, and four-times champion Alain Prost who celebrates his 57th birthday.

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105 comments on “Ecclestone tips Hamilton to leave McLaren and wants Schumacher at Red Bull”

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  1. MSC at RB…. Don’t we hear enough of the German national anthem as it is? :P

  2. Where would Lewis go if he left McLaren? The 2nd berth at Red Bull would be taken by Michael Schumacher, Ferrari would be an nonstarter with Alonso there. Perhaps Mercedes, but I cannot see it being any better than the McLaren.

    1. I can’t see MSC joining redbull. On the otherhand I think Hamilton would be perfect for them. Their branding/image is all about youth, energy and excitment and with Vettel and Hamilton both on board I think it would generate all the right publicity for them. It would also give us a damn good fight!

      1. Maybe the branding would work perfectly, red bull makes you ageless, you can still perform at your very best in your 40’s or more!

        1. I think the idea was Lewis that would retire completely ,the way the response was reported ,was that if he was unable to compete with his teamate he would sulk so much that all the money he has earned would make the ingrate turn his nose up at F1. SAD IF THAT HAPPENS. For a brief moment F1 looked exciting with the deft skills of Alonso verses the super ego and bravery of Lewis.Still like everything in this politically correct world we may be left with Vettel and Button, Fernando must be confident of some good years ahead.

          1. Here let me correct that for you:
            “F1 looked exciting with the deft skills of Lewis verses the super ego and bravery of Alonso”

  3. Hey what about Prost as the new Renault ambassador? Was he chosen because his nose is so populr in F1 cars now?

    1. :-) Oui

      1. Better to sign him as No1.

  4. Michael Brown (@)
    24th February 2012, 14:09

    Actually, Schumacher could be at McLaren as well

  5. Lewis will be great at RBR as he really suits their brand image to a tee. And his world profile is much much bigger than Seb’s. Unfortunately, RBR would implode if they ever went down that route.
    Imagine Lewis taking all the nonsense that Mark has taken over the last two seasons? Or keeping quiet when that Marko guys runs his mouth in the media? It simply wouldn’t happen.It would be the biggest soap opera in F1 and would be generating regular column inches in the tabloids.I even predict a twitter war! I say go for it RBR.

  6. I am going to go with the herd on this one and say that Ecclestone is just stirring the pot again to get the media and fans interests levels up. However, and this is my personal opinion here, I do think alot went on behind the scenes at McLaren last year that we don’t know about. Lets just remember one thing, ever since 2007 McLaren has been according to many Lewis Hamilton’s team. That was certainly the case five years ago when Ron Dennis was incharge and all the way up until last year. Hamilton was their star man, a product of McLaren’s youth programme. The arrival of Jenson Button and the departure of Dennis has diluted that relationship to an extent.
    Where Button has excelled recently is that he has achieved what Alonso and Kovalainen failed to. He has beaten Hamilton over a whole season without the tantrums and public criticism Lewis has attracted onto himself. He hasn’t acquired the penalties nor has he questioned the teams decisions during grands prix, and yet he got the job done in 2011.
    That is Hamilton’s biggest problem. He is now starting to feel the same cold shoulder that Fernando Alonso did back in 2007 but to a lesser extent. He has had to realise that he is no longer the only game in town at McLaren and it has not been an easy lesson.
    Where Ecclestone could be wrong is the alternatives for Lewis. Ferrari and Red Bull are the obvious ones, Alonso or Vettel his obvious team mates. I can’t see Lewis being paired with Fernando, Ferrari have enough problems without adding to them. Red Bull would be a good bet, but he would have to do to Vettel what Button has to him and undermine him in a team that is all but his. Vettel is Red Bull’s golden boy, a double world champion, and I wonder if Hamilton is willing to stake his reputation by taking on Vettel in the same car. His idol Senna took on Alain Prost at McLaren in the 1980’s and relished the challenge, all be it all hell broke loose. I would love to see Lewis try, but it would be a huge gamble, even though Hamilton does seem to love being in the limelight.

    1. WALL OF TEXT ALERT!!!!!

  7. Just a heads up: a long awaited update today on ScarbsF1 with analyses of the Red Bull and Ferrari cars – happy reading : )

  8. It is strange for someone who won 3 races, the same number as his team mate, is said to be underperforming.
    Hamilton totally out qualified Button, the gap would be even greater had Mclaren not messed up several of his qualifying runs.
    The team’s strange decisions were responsible for some of his racing incidents. Half the time he is asking his race engineer for info and is not getting any.

    I do believe Hamilton should move. He will never get a good pit call if Button is just one or two positions behind. And if his new track side manager isn’t forceful, the team will continue to be negligent with his own end of the garage.

    1. To win in F1 is not difficult with a supreme car, if you are a top grade driver, Jenson has shown this,he is a skilled performer,with an organised personallity, his slightly underdog never say die position has certainly scored a lot of points with his new team.Adults allways find juvenlies, however talented,difficult to manage. Spoilt one’s with big ego’s are the worst of all ,what a great relief, must the gentleman at Woking have felt to at last have a replacement for John Watson (sorry John) . Handling the male version of Prima Donas used to be what F1 was about I am afraid that I am going back to watching In Car from W.R.C. far more exciting.

    2. Indeed. McLaren is completely dropping the ball. They really seem to favor Button.

      That’s no surprise though since Button IS Whitmarsh’s favorite.

      Still Hamilton did under perform in 2011. He had a lot of bad luck, but he also should have stayed out of a lot of crashes that were unnecessary.

  9. Mr E is no fool. He pulls strings that keeps F1 on top. He is without doubt the reason F1 is what it is today, a thing we all love and growing bigger. Mind you his daughter could do with some management.

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