Cardboard Red Bull RB8

Caption Competition 7: Cardboard Red Bull RB8

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Cardboard Red Bull RB8
Cardboard Red Bull RB8

This four-year-old Japanese boy got a very special present this week – his very own Red Bull RB8, made for him out of cardboard by his mother.

Add your caption to the picture using the comments below and look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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167 comments on “Caption Competition 7: Cardboard Red Bull RB8”

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  1. It’s probabbly faster than the real thing.

  2. Frankly, kid, the choice between inters or wets is something of a moot point.

  3. Red Bull rb8 unveiled to the public in the back of an office corner

  4. Adrian Newey admits being slightly concerned over the crash tests after designing the lightest f1 car ever

  5. Red Bull Racing currently looking for morbidly obese racing driver to reach minimum car weight of 640kg.

  6. HRT may have copied some of the bigger teams design concepts

    1. @chris Or probably HRT should hire this mom, for better results

  7. Lotus signed wooden Raikonnen, so Red Bull signed cardboard (mini-)Kobayashi

  8. Red Bull remain silent over rumours they didn’t notice the small-print in their latest sponsorship deal with UPS packaging.

  9. Candence Braking
    25th February 2012, 11:37

    After leaked photos are released Charlie Whiting is to investigate irregularities in the RBR testing program.

  10. In 2012, Red Bull Racing have taken the flexing bodywork debate to a whole new level……

  11. A spy shot of the HRT F112. It turns out they have a new sponsor for 2012 as well.

  12. The real Pokemon shows Seb the ‘one finger’ salute!

  13. Can’t think of an original caption, but the significant graining on the front tyres could be an issue this season.

  14. Red Bull Racing today unveiled the results of the new RRA.

  15. Cardboard Copying the RB8: Kid (7) confirmed Assistant Designer at Ferrari, “fits within our designing philosophy seamlessly”

  16. Candence Braking
    25th February 2012, 11:53

    If you pull my finger your`ll hear my V8.

    1. Love it.

  17. Ferrari went to extreem measures to copy the latest Red Bull

  18. Webber’s new team mate is even younger than his last one.

  19. ‘Aggressive’ Origami

  20. Neweys EBD (Efficient Box Deign)

    1. Sorry typo (design)

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