Cardboard Red Bull RB8

Caption Competition 7: Cardboard Red Bull RB8

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Cardboard Red Bull RB8
Cardboard Red Bull RB8

This four-year-old Japanese boy got a very special present this week – his very own Red Bull RB8, made for him out of cardboard by his mother.

Add your caption to the picture using the comments below and look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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  1. After a string of displeasing testing times, Helmut Marko announces Daniel Ricciardo’s replacement

  2. This is the second chassis, following unfortunate events in the wind tunnel…

  3. “Kamui, WATCH THIS!!”

  4. RB8 is quick straight out of the box!

  5. “This front wing looks a bit flexible o_O”

  6. Teams such as Red Bull have been experimenting with this season’s tyres and how to make the best of the undercut.

  7. is it just me… or has the platypus nose brought back the box-like look and feel from the 70’s?

  8. Suspicions that Webber’s car is not quite up to par with Vettel’s may be true.

  9. The Red Bull academy, young drivers program… Giving you the Vettel’s of tomorrow.

  10. This entire pay driver situation has gotten completely out of hand!

  11. This cadboard version of the RB8 actually went faster than the HRT

  12. Winning in a Red Bull gives the winner a severe case of Sebastian Vettelitis. One major symptom of this illness has the patient thrust their pointer finger skyward uncontrollably.

  13. Since the outlawing of customer cars, Torro Rosso’s efforts had always lacked a certain something

  14. My mother is cooler than yours.

  15. “In our cost cutting efforts, we’ve begun using alternative materials in our 1/3 scale wind tunnel tests.”

  16. “I only asked for a can of energy drink, mum…”

    1. FlyingLobster27
      25th February 2012, 17:16


  17. Adrian newey’s new thinking is outside the box……..

  18. “When I grow up, I wanna be just like Daniel Ric-card-o!”

  19. Red Bull once again suffers from heavy blisters on the front tyres.

  20. “Next on Blue Peter…”

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