Cardboard Red Bull RB8

Caption Competition 7: Cardboard Red Bull RB8

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Cardboard Red Bull RB8
Cardboard Red Bull RB8

This four-year-old Japanese boy got a very special present this week – his very own Red Bull RB8, made for him out of cardboard by his mother.

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167 comments on “Caption Competition 7: Cardboard Red Bull RB8”

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  1. Mum asked Uncle Adrian to make me a paper plane…

  2. “Embarrassing gaff as Red Bull’s latest young driver holds up the wrong finger to everyone else.”

  3. Adrain Newey has clawed back so much downforce despite the ban of Exhaust Blown Diffusers he can now make the car out of anything.

  4. Red Bull’s latest R&D step (Recycling and Deforestation) falls outside the resource restriction agreement.

  5. Webber fears his RB8 was the brainchild of Marko… ;)

  6. Looks older than Vettel.

  7. Verne & Ricciardo whining about losing their Red Bull seat.

  8. That’s very impressive.
    Have a look at this model of the RB7.
    The detail is amazing:

  9. Newey: It looked good on paper.

  10. Or

    It looked good on paper but had trouble passing the FIA crash test.

  11. The RB8 was put together by duct tape and glue this year and the tyres won’t last in wet conditions!

  12. Aahh, me Sebastian Vetter in mu Led Burr.

  13. Has the FIA’s resource restrictions agreement finally gone one step too far!

  14. That’s really creepy,. ;[}

  15. Best mother in the world this happy kid has, at least for me it would be.. oh my good amazing!

  16. Adrian Newey and Red Bull are confident that the RB8 is the complete package(ing).

  17. Ferrari has just hired my Mom!

  18. Typical! Buy them a toy and all they do is play with he box.

  19. kenneth Ntulume
    27th February 2012, 10:59

    Red-Bull! “thinking outside the box”

  20. Eduardo Malheiros
    27th February 2012, 12:41

    “Damn mom, what’s with the ugly nose? Did you ran out of boxes?”

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