Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Barcelona, 2012

Brawn will wait and see on Schumacher contract extension

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Barcelona, 2012
Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Barcelona, 2012

In the round-up: Ross Brawn denies claims Michael Schumacher is about to be offered a contract extension.

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Brawn denies Schumi talks (Sky)

“We’ll see what happens this year then talk about it. I hope it goes well because that means we’ll be having good results and I think we’d both be happy to continue.”

Motivation never a problem – Kimi (ESPN)

“People always talk about motivation, but the people who write it probably don’t even know me. It’s not a lack of motivation if your car is **** and even if you drive your best and still can’t get a good result. My feeling is that I drove one of my best years in my last year for Ferrari. I’ve never had a problem with motivation.”

Chandhok back in F3 (Formula Three)

Karun Chandhok returned to his roots, and his old British Formula 3 team, at Silverstone when he shook down the T-Sport team?s latest F3 chassis. The Indian former F1 pilot took to the track at the wheel of the squad?s National Class Dallara which will be raced this season by Australian rookie Spike Goddard.”

‘Lewis Hamilton has to refocus and stop wasting so many opportunities’: Martin Brundle talks cars, terrifying crashes and F1 (Daily Mail)

“If you?re going to beat Sebastian Vettel in that Red Bull, you?d better be getting up very early in the morning, and thinking about it all day every day. And I don?t think he has been. Lewis has raw speed and determination, but I think he?s going through a difficult time. He said, ‘If I only win one championship it would suck’ and he?s right.”

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Comment of the day

Alianora la Canta laments the shortage of good books on top F1 drivers:

I think it reflects the different priorities of publishers compared to even ten years ago (when even mid-grid drivers could expect someone like Christopher Hilton to write a few words in book form about them).

Nowadays only sure-fire “winners” get backed by the big publishing houses, which tends to mean heroes from the same country as the publishing house in question, plus translated versions of books that worked elsewhere. It?s no coincidence that only three of the six F1 champions have a book written about them in English.
Alianora la Canta

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Hedgey, Kolon and Verstappen!

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On this day in F1

Sky’s F1 coverage in the UK has attracted much attention. But it’s not the first time the broadcaster has been involved with the sport.

Today in 2002 the Sky Digital channel announced its coverage team for its F1 coverage. Among them was Ben Edwards, who has joined the BBC as commentator this year in place of Martin Brundle, who has gone to Sky.

Former F1 drivers John Watson and Perry McCarthy joined Peter Windsor and Matthew Lorenzo in Sky’s 2002 team.

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