Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, Mercedes W03 launch, Barcelona, 2012

Caption Competition 8: Schumacher and Rosberg

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, Mercedes W03 launch, Barcelona, 2012
Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, Mercedes W03 launch, Barcelona, 2012

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg are the stars of this week’s Caption Competition.

What did Mercedes’ two stars have to say to each other at the launch of their new F1 car?

It’s up to you to figure it out. Post your best suggestions in the comments.

As usual a selection of the best suggestions will appear in Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

The picture above is one of many great shots taken for us by Jamey Price in F1 testing at the Circuit de Catalunya last week. See more of Jamey’s excellent photographs here:

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141 comments on “Caption Competition 8: Schumacher and Rosberg”

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  1. Nico : Ross told me to look beyond 2012.

  2. Michael: You keep beating me, this isn’t fair.
    Nico: Oops, I did it again!

  3. MSC: nico, are those wrinkles under your eyes ?
    ROS: I dare you, I double dare you, say it one more time!
    MSC: whatever you say britney

  4. Nico: Yeah, my Dad told me you used to be really fast when you raced against him!

  5. bradandcoffee
    3rd March 2012, 21:46

    “I’m going to make you my Felipe Massa”

  6. “I’ve just seen the car…”
    “I know, I know. Listen: I was at the ’96 Ferrari launch. Whatever you do, don’t start crying”

    1. Haha! Good one!

  7. Nico: Hey Michael. Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer?… Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

    Michael: …..Thats not funny…

    Niko: … I hate you.

    1. Brilliant!

  8. Some fighting talk from Rosberg: ‘I may be known as Britney, but you should be called Madonna! Your both old, faded, can’t dance properly and should retire.’

  9. “Nice grimace – brooding…intense”
    “No: I can’t remember where my keys are. At my age I can barely remember where my house is. Who are you by the way?”

  10. “Damn: I forgot whether we’re supposed to say wins or podiums are our goal this year”
    “I just saw the car. Let’s settle for hoping Germany win Euro 2012”

  11. Chris Gascoine
    3rd March 2012, 22:00

    First to blink is No.2….

    1. Hahaha, fantastic! :)

    2. I do like that one!

  12. If looks could kill………

  13. Michael: Booya..i got the number 7 again Nico: I’m A Slave…4 U

  14. MS – “Rossy….if we stand still… we shall still be quicker then the HRT’s!”

  15. Schumi: So, if we are 1-2 Nico in an incident filled race, you will leave me by to win.
    Nico-” You have another thing coming!

  16. Shirleen Riffe
    3rd March 2012, 22:13

    What do you mean you don’t like even numbers?

  17. SCH: Nico are you sure you feel well, you are very pale.
    ROS: It’s that nose, it makes feel sick.

  18. Two Germans laughing

    1. racist but funny :) probably wont make the caption….

      1. Well I hope I didn’t offend anybody! Glad you got the humour! And ya, definitely not caption material! :D

    2. great! like that humor. greetings from germany

  19. Shane (@f1champion18)
    3rd March 2012, 22:17

    ‘Michael, you really gotta do something about your nose!’

  20. MSC: ‘did you take the chicken out the oven?’

    ROS: ‘ ****…’

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