Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, Barcelona, 2012

New HRT F112 seen for the first time in Spain

2012 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

HRT have launched their 2012 F1 car, the F112, at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain.

Narain Karthikeyan was at the wheel for the car’s first laps.

HRT did not manage to have the car pass its crash tests in time to be able to participate in pre-season testing, which concluded at the circuit on Sunday.

HRT F112 pictures

Here are the first pictures of the HRT F112:

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  1. Whoa! That’s some serious rake they’re running on that car! ;)

  2. Wouldn’t look out of place in the GP2 Series… are we sure this isn’t a GP2 car?

    1. Did you decide that before or after you looked at the car?

  3. People are gett rather excited about this car, and I do support HRT strongly, but it is very, very similer to last years, in that most of the chassis is the same.

    F112 compared to F111

    You can see that there are only minor changes made, the nose is new, however the front win is the same, along with most of the car. The rear wing has be redesigned. That’s good. And the billboard is gone.

    Having said that, for HRT to have development on the bodywork at all is a very good sign for the health of the team.

  4. Cole Pfeiffer
    5th March 2012, 21:05

    Beautiful car. Reminds me of the Brawn GP, just in red/gold. Absolutely lovely.

    I was not looking forward to this reveal, but now the HRT is my favourite car this year. I hope they get sponsors and manage to beat the Marussia again, so they can stay in F1 for a few more years. If they do, I hope they keep this livery.

    I’m kind of split… I like Timo Glock and want him to be successful over at Marussia, but this HRT just look damn good. It’s a shame that these smaller teams struggle so much.

    For now, though, I just want to see this sexy car on track. Looking forward to Melbourne.

  5. I really like the new livery. Sauber used to have a reputation for “fun” liveries but with the fairly poor showings of recent years, HRT may have actually inherited their mantle. It’s not cool to like the team but their plucky resilience and determination to stay in the top division of single-seater motorsport despite being years away from even scoring a point has endeared them to me. In fact, they may be my new favourite team. They might not have the most exciting driver line-up and I’m not one to follow the teams over the drivers, but if anyone can make the case for it then for me, it’s HRT all the way.

  6. This is my favourite livery this year, I really think Hispania are improving year on year, hopefully they can be more consistent and a bit more speed couldn’t hurt either, I really hope they can beat Marussia on merit this year and cement that 11th place.

  7. Eduardo Malheiros
    5th March 2012, 21:43

    Damn, last year’s livery was the only good thing about HRT. Really gonna miss it…

  8. Looks good. Looks kinda like the old Force India.

    I dig it.

    1. Also, I must say their livery is pretty clever. The “whitewash” filling of the step valley makes the stepped nose seem not as pronounced as some other cars.

  9. Its a shame that they couldn’t have got some of those sponsors right on the bottom edge of the sidepod onto the main body of the car, at least they do have some sponsors this year

  10. Liuzzi still in the team?. Not a bad idea from HRT as they will need to bring him back into one of their race seats at some stage during the season if they wish to beat Marussia in the constructors Championship again.

  11. Really hope this is just the launch wing and they don’t turn up in Melbourne with it on the car. It is very basic.

    Always had a soft spot for HRT even in their maiden season with Karun and Bruno. Wish them all the best.

    1. that is the wing they will run in melbourne & its actually not that basic & a very clever design.

      Most others have the front wing flap with the additional winglet flaps built over the top of the flaps in a tower structure.

      hrt have built the winglets into the main wing flap rather than putting them into a tower formation.

      lotus have something a bit similar but larger.

    2. I also hope that they use a different front wing on the first race.
      It’s sooooo simple.
      Simpler than the safety razor I use to shave my beard.

  12. You cant polish a turd.

  13. That livery is PRETTY. I hope they keep this scheme because it really distinguishes themselves and is a frankly very classy color combo.

  14. Strangely basic front wing elements, maybe HRT have caught on to something all the other teams have missed……………..i think not

  15. the side view really makes it look like someone too heavy’s sat in it and snapped it just in front of the drivers seat!

  16. Ben (@dirtyscarab)
    5th March 2012, 23:35

    Really nice livery and in my opinion probably the 3rd nicest looking car on the grid this year (Behind the McLaren + RB8).

    I did notice a lack of bargeboards + aero devices. Also looks like there’s no drs device attached to the rear wing which may suggest this is just a ‘plastic’ car similar to what Mclaren launched. Hopefully they’ll add to it before Oz.

  17. I really like it! It’s great to see a bit more national identity (I’m seeing the red and gold as a tribute to the Spanish flag) in the sport.

    The car looks incredibly basic, particularly the front wing. But I like that, it allows the gorgeous livery to stand out. That nice, chunky and round air inlet just speaks ‘cool’ to me.

    They all look really happy to have made it to Barcelona and I couldn’t be happier for them. You could argue that it’s really not going to benefit them, but they told us they would get to Barcelona, and they did!

    What a great little team.

  18. I’ve got to say – HRT has one of the most stylish liveries I’ve seen in a long time. It might be a case of style over substance, but if they’ve going to come stone-cold last, at least they’re going to look good doing it.

  19. there biggest problem is that they made the back end wider in order to run kers, however they were unable to actually be able to afford to buy/run kers.

    this means they have the kers design comprimises without the actual benefit of kers.

  20. this car is what it would look like if iron man and hrt had a love child best looking car on the grid apart form the ugly sponsor on the rear wing

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