New HRT F112 seen for the first time in Spain

2012 F1 cars

HRT have launched their 2012 F1 car, the F112, at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain.

Narain Karthikeyan was at the wheel for the car’s first laps.

HRT did not manage to have the car pass its crash tests in time to be able to participate in pre-season testing, which concluded at the circuit on Sunday.

HRT F112 pictures

Here are the first pictures of the HRT F112:

2012 F1 cars

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Image ?? HRT

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106 comments on New HRT F112 seen for the first time in Spain

  1. Toxic (@toxic) said on 6th March 2012, 8:23

    I must admit that it looks very nice. Hopefully it won’t be as slow as last year. And that logo is so awesome. Best logo on the grid in my view.

  2. kenneth Ntulume said on 6th March 2012, 8:56

    After some careful study. I could conclude that HRT, is the second favorite team for MOST f1 enthusiast and a great uniter of all F1 fans.
    Wish an eagle eyed advertising firm spots this, and gives them a slice of there budget.

  3. bearforce1 said on 6th March 2012, 9:03

    Looks really nice.

    Why couldn’t they make it to testing. Just one day after testing finishes they can run the car. It must be some reason other than the car not being ready. Sounds like they didn’t have the funds to go to the test maybe.

  4. nemo87 (@nemo87) said on 6th March 2012, 9:09

    much prefered last years livery (minus the cheesy YOUR LOGO HERE bits)

  5. bosyber (@bosyber) said on 6th March 2012, 9:15

    The first time I saw the car+livery the goldish looked like vomit green (reason for cream on the Lotus?) and I wasn’t impressed, but having seen more of it: I like the burgundy/maroon/red and gold combo, and the way it is used.

    There could be more of it, with a bit less white (or sponsors? maybe later, I hope), and it reminds me of the pics @keithcollantine recently posted of new GP2 liveries, especially the airbox/engine cover. Those aren’t bad efforts.

    Good that they got the car on track, already a slightly better preparation than last year. The front wing is the same as end of last years, but they took a long time to introduce that late in the season, and it was a big step to modern times for the team, I think.

    As 2010 showed, set up will be a big part of getting a weekend nailed for this team and for Marussia, having the car shaken down means they can start doing set up right away in Melbourne.

    I am looking forward to seeing them get the most out of this car.

    Finally, congratulations to HRT for thinking of the environment: parts of that tub must have lasted lasted for three years now!

  6. sid_prasher (@) said on 6th March 2012, 10:59

    All the very best to them…I hope they are able to get more competitive…for the sake of all the hard work that they seem to be putting in…

  7. Nick.UK (@) said on 6th March 2012, 14:53

    Personally, I think the livery is repulsive!

  8. kie said on 6th March 2012, 15:08

    Great Logo.
    Very Good Livery.
    nice Shape.

    No Sponsors :(
    Questionable Overalls
    Extended Dustpan for Front Wing

    GO Hispania!

  9. il Leone said on 6th March 2012, 18:32

    HRT are very fickle with their livery, and the F112 looks like a GP2 11-13 car.

  10. The Last Pope (@the-last-pope) said on 6th March 2012, 20:49

    Didn’t Super Aguri once have this exact livery design just without the gold and with Red Honda sponsor instead of blue Tata.

  11. LawFish (@lawfish) said on 6th March 2012, 20:50

    Your spy car’s a Mini?

  12. Pandaslap (@pandaslap) said on 7th March 2012, 0:55

    tragically beautiful/slow

  13. Yusha (@freebird78) said on 7th March 2012, 16:08

    I cant see the video. Says it’s private. How can i see it?

  14. John H (@john-h) said on 7th March 2012, 22:31

    The Cosworth sounds sick (in a bad way) in that video, either that or the mappings are at some strange setting for the shakedown.

  15. Twiinzspeed said on 12th March 2012, 18:22

    I figured they would have made the mirrors bigger. :)

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