Alguersuari: Marko comments “absolutely not acceptable”

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Helmut Marko, Jaime Alguersuari, Bahrain, 2010
Helmut Marko, Jaime Alguersuari, Bahrain, 2010

In the round-up: Jaime Alguersuari responds to Helmut Marko’s claim he wasn’t good enough to stay with Red Bull.


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Helmut’s comments are ‘absolutely not acceptable’, fumes Alguersuari (Daily Mail)

“I respect the situation that they don’t want my work anymore, but what they’ve said is absolutely not acceptable. They said ‘we are good drivers, but we are not winners’. It doesn’t make sense if you give me a car that is not capable to be in the top ten.”

Montezemolo and the gap recorded by the Ferrari “I must do something about this situation very quickly” (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

“I hope that it is not true that we are going to suffer at the beginning, even though Alonso is always very objective. I would like to understand why and above all understand quickly, very quickly, what needs to be done.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Marussia say the MR01 has passed the last of the FIA crash tests and is ready to race.”

Bernie: Teams back Bahrain GP (Sky)

“It’s difficult to know exactly about the politics in their country or any of that part of the world now, as we can see. But the teams are all committed to be there, and will be there, and want to be there and like to be in Bahrain.”

Boullier: Lotus can close in on leaders (Autosport)

“What is very encouraging is that even if we believe strongly that they are ahead of us, then the gap last year to this year has been reduced so it shows we can catch up.”

How motor racing’s Frank Williams changed the face of Western sport (The Guardian)

“If Frank Williams ?ǣ now Sir Frank ?ǣ had never done anything else, he might be credited with the initiative that unplugged the geyser of Middle Eastern oil money which has transformed the world of international sport.”

Nicolas Hamilton: My bond with Dad suffered because of Lewis?s career. But he?s dedicated to me now (The Sun)

“Here, for the first time, the 19-year-old talks about the pain of missing out on his father’s attention while living in the shadow of Lewis’s brilliant rise up the racing ladder.”

Nicolas Hamilton via Twitter

“Don’t believe what you read in The Sun about my dad today, everything has been twisted.”

Formula 1?s madman and design genius (MotorSport)

“Colani proclaimed that his organic approach would render all other F1 cars antiquated overnight. Er… his overheated and lacked downforce, and would have to be gradually de-Colanised.”

Comment of the day

The new season is drawing ever closer but not everyone will be watching:

I would just like to express my sadness that I won?t be watching qualifying at Melbourne this year due to not being able to justify getting Sky with my family costs and also trees (!) preventing me getting RTL using a dish. I guess we had it good for quite a long time here in the UK and now the reality of the free market has hit fanatics such as myself.

You may say I?m not a fanatic because I don?t pay, but when you have children and a mortgage and hanging on financially, those things come first. So be it.

I?m still looking forward to James Allen on Radio 5 so hopefully I can use my imagination to picture the action. I still have F1 Fanatic Live too of course.
John H

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On this day in F1

Attempt to salvage something of the Prost team ran into difficulty ten years ago today. The FIA revealed that the business which had bought the Prost cars would not be able to enter the forthcoming season as entries were already closed.

In the end nothing came of the efforts to keep the outfit going and the team dropped out of Formula 1 entirely. It had previously existed as Ligier, who originally entered F1 in 1976.

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  1. To be honest, I think Alguersuari needs to move on a little bit. Yes, he was dumped in a very cruel way. Yes, the best that can be said about Helmut Marko’s comments on his performances is that they were blunt. But it’s nothing that we didn’t already know, and complaining about it isn’t going to change anything. We’re ten days out from the new season – Toro Rosso aren’t suddenly going to see the error of their ways and reinstate him. Marko isn’t suddenly going to be fired. And getting the support of fans who already dislike Red Bull’s driver policies isn’t going to be worth much at all when Jaime isn’t racing. Alguersuari needs to be concentrating on getting a drive for 2013, not what was said in 2011. If Toro Rosso really were mistaken in firing him, it will soon show, and Alguersuari should have no trouble securing a decent race seat for next year. But in the meantime, there is no use crying over spilt milk.

    1. It would help if Marko himself moved on – Jaime’s been on a response setting so far, while Marko’s initiated all the rants about the past…

  2. Wasn’t Marko the same person who blamed Webber for the 2010 Turkish accident, while video footage showed the contrary? Wow, this guy is really something else, and I don’t mean that in a positive way.

  3. Helmut Marko has a negative effect on Red Bull’s image. They should get rid.

    1. @shimks He’s also delivered a double world champion at only 24 years of age. That’s vindication enough, at least for a few years.

      1. Was it Marko that discovered Vettel?

  4. COTD – all is not lost. The Beeb will at least be showing half of the races live, with extended highlights of the others, of which a fair number are the flyaway races, so will be on in the afternoon. I know it wont be the same as watching it live, which I’m lucky to be doing, but it’s not all doom and gloom!

    5live have an excellent line up this year, and there are many great forums/websites, such as this one, to discuss and read up on F1 related goodness.

    1. @jamesf1 Congrats on the COTD. I did notice your comment and thought it was certainly a breath of fresh air!

  5. I feel sorry for Jaime. Helmut Marko’s comments are unnecessary and pointless considering the fact, as Jaime pointed out, the last year’s Toro Rosso was at best a midpack chassis. As a team, they have won one grands prix with Vettel, and that was in the rain at Monza three and a half years ago. Toro Rosso themselves don’t come across as winners, and lets be honest here, they just make up the numbers and are a stepping stone to the Red Bull team.
    As others have mentioned, much has been made of Vettel’s success and his climbing the ranks of Red Bull’s youth program. However, think of the drivers since 2005 Red Bull have churned through and how many have succeeded. Sebastien Vettel is the only one! When they tried an American driver they could only muster Scott Speed, and that was a project that deserved someone getting fired.
    Factor into the equation that Jaime has taken his dropping like a man unlike others and it makes Helmut Marko look all the more like a prat doesn’t it?

  6. I appreciate the topic of course but The Sun wouldn’t be worthy of quoting even if it was the last lie ridden rag on the planet.

  7. Marko is a one-man person, if a driver threatens Vettel, he gets all protective like he is his son. I admire Jaime, and I thought he was worthy of an RBR ’13 seat.

    1. I thought he was worthy of an RBR ’13 seat.

      When he couldn’t outqualify Buemi?

  8. When you look at the generation Marko drove with, and you listen to some of the quotes coming from drivers of that generation, should his comments even surprise, or be taken seriously?

    Only when Red/Torro/Bull have a fall out with their drivers that they start making outlandish comments, and then, their comments are usually malicious.

  9. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Marko is a twonk, in the nicest possible way, of course.

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