Two DRS zones for first race of 2012

2012 F1 season

Paul di Resta, Force India, Melbourne, 2011

Di Resta and Alguersuari fight for position in last year's race

An extra DRS zone has been added for the Australian Grand Prix this year.

A single DRS zone was used during last year’s race, the first in which DRS was used.

This year drivers will have the opportunity to use DRS twice per lap, as Sauber’s head of track engineering Giampaolo Dall?Ara explained:

“Historically overtaking has been difficult in Melbourne, but this time there will be two DRS zones.”

Kamui Kobayashi said the unusual nature of the Melbourne track may not give an accurate impression of how competitive the team is in the first race of the year.

“The Albert Park circuit itself has a very nice layout,” he said. “The fact it isn?t a permanent race track, and therefore very slippery at the beginning of the weekend, doesn?t make the set up work for the first Grand Prix any easier, but to adapt to the improving grip level is a challenge for everyone.”

How should DRS be used in 2012? Have your say here:

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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Image ?? Force India/Sutton

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48 comments on Two DRS zones for first race of 2012

  1. Dizzy said on 9th March 2012, 14:51

    For those who think the single DRS zone at Melbourne last year was ineffective:

    Many other similar examples from the in-car feed from last year.

    DRS is a joke which should not be tollerated, Its killing F1, There is no longer any real racing its all boring with stupidly boring passes.

    i hate DRS, it killed my intrest in last season & for racing 2011 was the worse i’ve seen of the 30+ years ive followed F1.

    DRS is a stupid, ridiculous, artificial gimmick that has no place in F1 & should be banned before it turns F1 into an even bigger joke!

  2. Dave_F1 said on 9th March 2012, 15:02

    Why do we still have this stupid device in F1?

    So we will have 1 DRS zone destrying races down the start straght & presumably & 2nd DRS zone completely killing the racing down the straght down to turn 3 (Since thats where Charlie Whiting spoke of a 2nd DRS zone been at Melbourne last year).

    Some here may consider DRS a good thing but I certainly don’t I think its a terrible thing, Did nothing but harm the racing through 2011 & will do the same through 2012.
    Im expecting DRS tro be even worse this year as teams now better understand DRS & will have come up with more effective DRS wings thats drop more drag.

    I used to love F1 & look eagerly forward to every new season, This year i’ve got very little excitement about the start of the season & my love of F1 has been severely harmed all because of my dislike for DRS. That trend continued then I’ll simply walk away from F1 & not come back untill the DRS abomonation is gone.

  3. GT_Racer said on 9th March 2012, 15:27

    Was hoping they would just stick to the one as I think the 1 zone at Melbourne a year ago kinda worked better than what we had most other places.

    Having said that however I’d much rather there be no DRS zones at all, Either ban it or if there gunna keep it just let them use it everywhere a certain number of times per race like the p2p systems you see used in other categories.

    Looking at the poll’s from the link in the article it seems that majority of fans don’t necisarily have a problem with DRS but do have a problem with the way its used.
    Other polls & stuff I have seen in other places show similar things although in several of them the majority of fans don’t want DRS at all.

    • Roger Camp (@rogercamp) said on 10th March 2012, 18:55

      Excellent observation and suggestion. It would be much more interesting limiting how many times the DRS could be used during a race rather then where. Almost like the KERS. Maybe not how many times, but for how long (in seconds) throughout the race and that varies according to the circuit. Another thing that could make a difference is that there’s no 1 second window limiting the use of it. The driver can use whenever he feels it is necessary, keeping it off of course when he’s using the brakes. That’s it! Let’s FIA hear this idea?! Is there a way?

  4. foleyger (@foleyger) said on 10th March 2012, 0:37

    Last yr DRS made F1 look like the wrestling. find it hard to get interested in races when that gimmick is still around

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