Dani Clos, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, 2012

Caption Competition 9: HRT drivers

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Dani Clos, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, 2012
Dani Clos, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, 2012

HRT finally launched their 2012 car this week.

Here are their 2012 drivers Pedro de la Rosa and Narain Karthikeyan with tester Dani Clos and 2011 driver Vitantonio Liuzzi.

What did the four find to laugh about at the launch of the F112?

Come up with the best caption you can think of and post it in the comments.

Remember to look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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159 comments on “Caption Competition 9: HRT drivers”

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  1. Really you are here as pit crew and part time test driver.

  2. HRT’s drivers make sure their teeth are as whit and bright as the new car.

  3. If we stand here do you think no-one will notice that there’s supposed to be a car here..

  4. ShaneB457 (@shaneb12345678910)
    10th March 2012, 20:08

    Clos: So which nursing home did the three of you come from?

  5. samuel roslund
    10th March 2012, 20:20

    Are they serious? They really want to try us another year?

  6. Butties (@buttiesandpies)
    10th March 2012, 20:46

    ………so I said to her ‘No, I used to be a F1 driver, now i’m a plumber’ I’m meeting her tomorrow night.

  7. cali-kowalsky
    10th March 2012, 20:55

    Hey Pedro now i understand what all those years driving are good for!!! That’s the best excuse i have ever heard for not performing. I will take note.
    come on guys, be smart, and don’t use all the same excuse.

  8. Luizzi : No, I’m pushing this year.. hahah yeah, no seriously.

  9. Liuzzi: Hey, pull my finger

  10. “The car this year. It’s Scarb’s Seat Leon with the bodywork taken off.”

  11. I am only commenting here, my Caption will come up in a bit, I really wanted Alguersuari to be driving for HRT this year, he and Pedro would have been a more successful partnership than Narain and Pedro and I think the only other reason than money to him being there is to due to Jaime rejecting the HRT offer.

  12. LIUZZI I was right up with Petrov and Rosberg fighting for points at Monza yet I am only the tester, why?!
    CLOS, DE LA ROSA & KARTHIKEYAN Because you were right up in the air, about to crash..?

  13. Liuzzi shares a laugh with this year’s drivers, secretly wishing he’d bid that extra 20 pence…

  14. Liuzzi: Say Pedro, would you happen to have any of your old McLaren overalls? I hate to be in this t-shirt.

  15. PDR: hey guys, bernie says we can use customer cars. I’ll check out what’s in the Hertz lot at the airport, they’re all customer cars aren’t they.

    Narain: I reckon we’ve got this season sorted.

  16. “hahaha the car sucks”

  17. I don’t know which is worse: HRT’s performance or the majority of these captions.

    1. Butties (@buttiesandpies)
      10th March 2012, 22:24

      mine are brilliant. I should be on the telly!

      1. Yes, on the police report for crimes against hilarity

    2. Brilliant. That should be the caption.

      1. Thank you I’m here all week. Try the veal.

  18. Dateline Spain: HRT unveil their new range of crash test dummies.

  19. Another year, another second place in the Championship…

    …Formula 1 is scored like Golf…right?

  20. So we are Hisapnia Racing Team. Erm, who are we racing?

    1. Hispania Retirement Team for Pedro ;)

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