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F1 Fanatic joins F1 teams in launching a new design for 2012 11th March 2012, 18:20

With one week to go until the first F1 race of the year, F1 Fanatic has revealed its new design for the 2012 season.

FIA may further restrict exhaust-blown diffusers

The FIA says the rules introduced to stop teams running exhaust-blown diffusers may have to be tightened.

FIA explains defensive driving rules “clarification”

The rules on defensive driving in F1 have been reinforced ahead of the new season.

Time for Caterham to join the midfield in 2012

Caterham team principal Tony Fernandes says it’s time for them to join the midfield in 2012.

Hamilton admits loss of focus in 2011

In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton admits he made too many sacrifices to his performance in 2011.

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