F1 Fanatic - 11/3/2012

F1 Fanatic joins F1 teams in launching a new design for 2012

F1 Fanatic updatesPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

F1 Fanatic - 11/3/2012
F1 Fanatic - 11/3/2012
With one week to go until the first F1 race of the year, F1 Fanatic has revealed its new design for the 2012 season.

F1 Fanatic team principal Keith Collantine said: “The new design is an evolution of what we had last year but with several major changes underneath.

“F1 Fanatic has set ambitious targets for its eighth season and we hope to see improvements in performance and reliability this year.”

In a clear violation of the Resource Restriction Agreement, F1 Fanatic has been testing the new version in secret for several months.

“Our test drivers, including Girts, Verstappen, Dan8, PieLighter, Roald, AndrewTanner, Mr. Powers, Mitz1111 and James Robertson, have been putting the new design through its paces.

“Reliability has been good so far but if anyone encounters any problem we encourage them to let us know.”

Clumsy F1 car launch metaphor ends here

Welcome to the latest version of F1 Fanatic which has been extensively updated for the season ahead.

The goals of the changes included: improving the site’s appearance and functionality across a range of different screen sizes; making navigation clearer and simpler; reducing page load times; fixing existing problems; and adding new features requested by users.

Among the changes you will notice are:

  • A wider content area for large screen sizes which scales down for smaller screens and mobile devices
  • Larger default video formats
  • Larger images in articles and on image preview pages (on new articles)
  • Usernames (e.g. @keithcollantine) now appear next to comments for easier @-messaging
  • Revised and reorganised menus with an extra level added to the drop-down
  • New footer includes archive, popular articles, Predictions Championship standings and members list
  • Improved avatar handling
  • Various style fixes and improvements

This latest change should also provide a better platform for expansion and improvement in the future.

As ever please leave feedback below.

If you experience a technical problem please tell us about it via this link, which includes instructions on how to supply the right information so we can identify and fix any errors:

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  • 66 comments on “F1 Fanatic joins F1 teams in launching a new design for 2012”

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      Looks so good on my 2048×1152 res screen, can read entire articles without scrolling :D

    2. Looks Great Keith!

      …On the subject of presentation and layout, I happen to have seen some of the broadcast of the Sky F1 channel (although I am not purchasing it myself) and I have to say, I am not impressed by what I have seen so far. The thing that annoys me most is the liberal and needless use of “interactive technology” for the presenters, when in reality it serves almost no purpose except to pretend it is (as I said) being interactive. If I wanted to watch a TV presenter clumsily finger a TV screen in a studio to bring up a clip of an F1 overtake, rather than just showing me the clip on my TV I would hire one to stand in my living room. I don’t want to watch a TV of a TV.
      It just seems that it is “over presentation”. A live 3D model of this or a touch screen that….next Sky will have a 3D recreation of each race before it happens and then spend half a day analysing it.

      1. Oh, my @mach1, please don’t give them ideas

        next Sky will have a 3D recreation of each race before it happens and then spend half a day analysing it.

        – with the channel bound to run out of subjects they can put on all week this could just happen.

    3. Finally!! An F1 car launch which doesn’t feature a broken nose. And I also see that the F1F 8 has got new sponsors in the new season ;)

      Great job Keith! Much appreciated. Just a small info. On my phone (Android – Gingerbread OS) The images are stretched vertically. Just see if others are reporting the same problems :)

    4. Alex (@smallvizier)
      11th March 2012, 20:13

      Thanks for making this article interesting :) – it was a humorous take and a nice in-joke for the F1 fans that we are.

      The new look is nice too, bigger writing and more of the screen used. On a personal note, I like the “@smallvizier” being shown for those of us whose usernames and screennames are different.

    5. I love it,. Nice package & easy to read with no Log In probs.
      Well Done!

    6. First version of F1F that feels solid in both its look as well as its interface, great account interface too. Props to all involved, it looks really good.

      The only thing that looks a bit off is the background of the logo (and the bar behind the ad). That does not blend in with the background on the sides, which the rest of the bars in between sections do.

    7. This F1 website is so far ahead of every other one that even without further in-season upgrades it’ll easily win the championship for most visitors!
      Really loved the F1 metaphor @keithcollantine – and I also love the design. It’s far bigger than before and it’s really great for reading, and it looks as neat as possible. Well done!

    8. Will the mobile site make a return at some point?

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong @keithcollantine but this is meant to be used on a mobile device as well, yes?

        @guelph This new site does load very quickly on a mobile browser in my experience.

    9. Great upgrade. Was reading the blog since a couple of weeks ago. This changed made me set up an account.

      1. @nofumbles Very glad to hear it. Welcome!

    10. Really like the new layout. Great job guys !

    11. Love it, Everything just seems more crisp.

    12. Much prefer this front page layout Keith. I felt the last layout wasted a lot of worthy real estate on the right-hand-side.
      Also, the bigger font is appreciated.

    13. ‘In a clear violation of the Resource Restriction Agreement, F1 Fanatic has been testing the new version in secret for several months.’
      LOL :D
      what;s this new @ feature though? I can’t seem to use it in writing this reply…

      1. like this @sato113 it lets you know when you have been mentioned in a message, and clarifys who you are actually responding to.

    14. Looks great Keith! I’ve been here for a couple of years now, and this is absolutely the best site for knowledgeable F1 fans who want to interact!

    15. I have no comment either way at the moment. I’ll try the mobile site out later and test it on a smaller window when I’m sneaking F1 news at work on Monday.
      But, I’ve been reading this site for such a long time, you’d have to put the text as white on a white background to stop me coming here for my F1 updates. As long as you keep up with the great content, you’ll keep the readers.

    16. Great overall improvement! Thank you all involved in make my favorite website even better.

    17. Good evolutionary update. I was taken aback by the width initially, as most websites are still 800px wide, but I think it works.

    18. Great work, the forwarding thing was a bit annoying, the rest was already great.

    19. I hope you’ve passed your crash tests :)

      Like the new look, nice and clean.

    20. Thank you Keith, the “test drivers”, and everyone else involved with F1fanatic- the new setup looks fantastic.

      The news, stats, history, and discussion found here make this the best F1 destination on the web. Keep up the great work!

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