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Invite a friend to F1 Fanatic and win “Formula 1: All the races” 12th March 2012, 18:24

F1 Fanatic has a copy of the new book “Formula 1: All the races” to be won – and you don’t even have to answer a question to win it!

Marussia seeking a lift from last place in 2012

Marussia’s fellow 2010 debutants have made measurable progress in the last two seasons, but the team formerly known as Virgin have not.

2012 F1 driver helmets in pictures

The class of 2012 have revealed their helmet designs for the year ahead. Here are pictures of all the drivers’ crash helmets.

Customer cars could jeopardise midfield teams – Whitmarsh

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh has warned that re-introducing customer cars into Formula 1 could undermine the viability of midfield teams.

Another season at the back looms for HRT

HRT’s new car has run before the first race weekend of the new season, which is already an improvement on their previous two campaigns.

Ecclestone “would welcome” a budget cap

In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says a budget cap is a good idea for F1 but the top teams oppose it.

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