Hamilton aims to learn from last year’s mistakes

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012

In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton explains the steps he’s taken to avoid repeating the costly mistakes he made in 2011.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Lewis Hamilton does his homework as he seeks to rescale F1 heights (The Guardian)

“In Malaysia, for example, I flat-spotted a tyre which then led to me having to use the wrong set of tyres which then led to me running seventh which then led to me having a penalty with Fernando [Alonso]. It’s just trying to avoid those pitfalls.”

Ferrari: customer car could aid Italians (Autosport)

Luca di Montezemolo: “I have an idea: giving a minor team a Ferrari from the previous year and forcing them to field a young Italian. That would be fantastic…”

Vitaly Petrov has point to prove in Formula One (The Independent)

“It was a difficult winter because I was told quite late they no longer wanted me because I was quite sure before [Lotus, formerly Renault] had said they did. But my head never dropped. I always thought something would happen. I was quite clear in my mind to prepare for this year.”

Schumacher claims he is still one of the best… but is he taking the Michael? (Daily Mail)

“I was out for three years, I?m now 43 and I don?t know if I can compare myself to when I was 30.”

F1 ready to roar with no Italian in the cockpit (The Guardian)

“At least, unlike so many of his compatriots of earlier eras, [Jarno Trulli] has lived to tell the tale. But Formula One needs an Italian driver more than Italy needs another winemaker.”

Why I will never cheer for Fernando Alonso (Mag’s Musings)

“Fernando Alonso is an amazing driver. It?s because he is so talented that it makes me so angry to see him resort to such silly behaviour sometimes.”

Comment of the day

Aetost says there is more to Marussia’s problems than just their approach to design:

Everyone keeps blaming [Nick] Wirth?s all-CFD approach for Virgin?s misfortunes. Still, I fear the blame for their poor form is mostly down to money, or -more accurately- down to the complete lack of money.

Virgin made no secret of the fact that they had the smallest budget of the whole grid, and it showed.

According to Racecar, Wirth spend ??17.6m for CFD, a budget that, according to Scarbs, and I’m quoting here, is “well below other mifdield teams”. So not only did Wirth have fewer tools, the ones that he had were not good enough. Had Virgin had enough money to burn, they wouldn?t have contested the world championship with shopping carts, CFD-only or not.

So, their prospects for 2012 boil down to this: whether they have enough cash, or not. And judging by the sponsor-less MR01 and the the fact that Marussia is just a (very) small-time car manufacturer, I?m not that optimistic.

And another thing: according to an Autosport interview Pat Symonds gave a couple of months ago, the wind tunnel model for the MR01 was going to be ready by March, so it?s safe to assume that the MR01 is also an all-CFD affair.

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On this day in F1

Sebastian Vettel got his 2010 championship campaign off to a perfect start with pole position for the season-opening race at Bahrain:

Image ?? F1 Fanatic/Jamey Price

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89 comments on Hamilton aims to learn from last year’s mistakes

  1. OOliver said on 13th March 2012, 11:50

    Re: comment of the day…
    You mean HRT had more money than Virgin? I don’t believe that for one moment.

    The reason Virgin and HRT didn’t get to the level of Green Lotus, was because they had designers with little F1 experience.
    Wirth designed the Simtek of 1994 and see how far that team went. What had he done in F1 in 15 years?

    HRT got a GP2 constructor to design their cars. And it barely exceeded the speed of a GP2 car most times.

    Gascoyne had the experience to deliver a car with modest performance. Even if his team was lacking in some basic fascilities, he had a design philosophy that only required fine tunning.

    Wind tunnels help refine a design they don’t create the design. Had Wirth a well grouunded approach to designing an F1 car, the lack of a wind tunnel would probably have cost his cars maybe 2 or 3 seconds not the 5 – 9 we were seeing at the races,

  2. Cyclops_PL (@cyclops_pl) said on 13th March 2012, 12:09


    Robert Kubica was karting on Sunday, March 11th. The comeback is close. Driving rally car took place in February.

  3. Tayyib (@m0nzaman) said on 13th March 2012, 13:22

    Hi keith I just wanted to ask when will you post the race results on sunday is it straight after the race or after the highlights im guessing the majority will watch the bbc but i would like to visit the site in the morning but dont want to see the result so what will you do?

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 13th March 2012, 23:04

      @m0nzaman The broadcasting situation in the UK will not make any difference to when articles appear on F1 Fanatic.

      I can’t make an exception just because a proportion of UK visitors (which itself constitutes around 35% of site traffic) won’t be seeing the races live.

      If you don’t want to discover the results of a race, I’d stay away from news sources, Twitter, Facebook, the lot.

      However as of today we now have a dedicated area on the site aimed at helping F1 fans in the UK find places to watch the races live. Have a look here:

      F1 in Pubs

      • Mike (@mike) said on 13th March 2012, 23:18

        I think that is the right policy to take, It’s the same as when races used to be delayed in Aus (and sometimes still are.). Just stay away from news sites etc…

        I suppose it’s harder to do that in the UK because here, none of the major Newspapers have it as anything but a side story in the sports section.

        • HoHum (@hohum) said on 14th March 2012, 0:52

          Imagine my chagrin when in the USA the live coverage on SPEED was transferred to a delayed coverage on FOX and before the FOX program I was watching MotoGP or WSB on SPEED and a banner popped up with the F1GP result.

          • I’m hoping that next year with at least 4 races in timezone friendly locations those will be the races on Fox and we don’t have to deal with the delays here going forward.

  4. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 13th March 2012, 13:39

    Congrats on featuring on the round-up @magnificent-geoffrey Brilliant read, I enjoyed it! It gave me an insight into Alonso’s pre 2009 history so thanks.

  5. The Limit said on 13th March 2012, 14:14

    Lewis Hamilton’s biggest achilles heel last year was the number of penalties he racked up, compounded by his comments after the Monaco Grands Prix in which he suggested the stewards did not like him because he ‘was black’.
    At the time I felt those words would come back to haunt him, and whether you agree with Lewis or not, the bottom line is the stewards enforce the rules and not the drivers. From now on, every time Hamilton is involved in a 50/50 incident with a rival I wonder what side the stewards will fall?
    In short, Hamilton has a reputation just like certain footballers do for making bad tackles or being red carded. They simply don’t get the benefit of the doubt by the officials due what has gone on before, and that is a real problem that Hamilton is going to have to overcome.
    Its one thing falling out with fellow racing drivers but to make enemies out of the officials is certainly not a wise move, even if its justified. Personally, I do feel that Lewis has made alot of enemies in the sport and not all of them are on the racetrack.
    However, whatever one thinks of Lewis Hamilton nobody can deny that the sport needs and has always needed drivers of his ilk that take risks and make the sport great to watch. Even if you hate Lewis, and many do, you can’t say that he is there just to make up the numbers or that he is boring.

    • Mike (@mike) said on 13th March 2012, 23:23

      If you go through Hamilton’s penalties you will find that they are actually quite fair.

      The Stewards I think are above the personal targeting that you are suggesting.

  6. Fixy (@fixy) said on 13th March 2012, 14:56

    Luca di Montezemolo: “I have an idea: giving a minor team a Ferrari from the previous year and forcing them to field a young Italian. That would be fantastic…”

    Simply. Ridiculous. And this comes from an Italian.
    Which Italian would they “force” them to sign?
    In GP2, F1’s feeder series, we have just seen the departure of the most likely candidate, Luca Filippi, who indeed had a great season, but it was his 5th attempt. He failed even with ART Grand Prix, in my opinion the best of the GP2 teams. He also finished 2nd in Auto GP despite missing two races, and maybe his consistency in 2011 would be the only reason to give him an F1 seat. He was Honda’s 2008 test driver but he didn’t progress from there.
    Valsecchi has done worse last season despite being at newbies AirAsia. In his 4th season he only finished 8th, although he won GP2 Asia in 2010.
    Kevin Ceccon won Auto GP and is very young, but after a deluding experience in GP2 it’s clearly too early to promote him to F1.
    Liuzzi and Trulli would be likely candidates for an F1 seat, but they aren’t exactly “young”, especially Trulli.

  7. Sangeen Khan said on 13th March 2012, 15:26

    I think an article such as the one about Alonso can be written about any top driver today.None of them is without flaws.That’s what make them human.

  8. HUHHII (@huhhii) said on 13th March 2012, 15:27

    “Why I will never cheer for Fernando Alonso” was the best article what I have read for weeks. I agree with every aspect!

  9. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 13th March 2012, 15:48

    Wow! Getting a COTD is an amazing feeling, but being featured in the round-up is something else altogether! I don’t know what to say, other than thanks a lot Keith.

    Also, many thanks to @jackary @adam-tate @pielighter @joey-poey @andrewtanner and @huhhii for reading it and being so nice about it.

  10. Troy Alexander (@troy-alexander) said on 13th March 2012, 18:05

    I just hope Hamilton come sharpen his game this season and McLaren have the car to challenge for the title.

  11. Dizzy said on 13th March 2012, 20:14

    This sort of comment from lewis has been a common theme throughout his time in f1.

    in the winter break i have been re-watching a lot of races from the past few years & a common theme in many of the ones from 2007-2011 is hamilton making mistakes & looking to bounce back.
    even going back a year there was discussion over the 2010 offseason about lewis having to make less mistakes & drive more maturely in 2011, a yaer on were having some of the same discussion.

    in 2007 many of his errors were correctly put down to it been his 1st year in f1, yet he made some similar mistakes through 2008 he then made similar errors through 2009, 2010 & 2011.

    i like lewis, ive kinda supported him since i saw him run formula renault, however its frustrating to be constantly saying ‘this year will be better, he’ll make less mistakes, he’ll have learnt from what happened last year’ only to then see him making the same mistakes & get into the same trouble.

    the worrying thing as a lewis fan is that in the time he’s been in f1 i think other drivers like button, alonso & vettel have all improved (vettel especially) while lewis seems to have made far less progress.

    i just hope that in march 2013 were not saying some of the same things while discussing lewis’ chances for the year!

  12. matthew said on 14th March 2012, 8:41

    his team also made things difficult for him to with their mistakes

    Australia, broken bondage on the bib
    Malaysia, put on the wrong tyres, slow pit stop
    China floaded the car with fuel, left Lewis out in the dry as Button did not pit
    Turkey very slow pit stop (35 sec)
    Monaco, wrong timing at the Qualy
    Silverstone put used tyres instad of new on the car at Q3, underfuelled the car.
    Barcelona wrong gear ratio ( both drivers did not agree with the short gears)
    Monza short gearing as well
    Singapore unable to refuel the car at Q3
    Hungary, wrong tyre strategy
    Japan sent out too late at Q3
    India slow puncture / wrong tyre pressure

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