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Melbourne will give first clues whether 2012 will be as close as it looks 14th March 2012, 18:17

Testing indicated the teams will be closely-matched in Melbourne. It’s time to find out what the new season has in store.

Double DRS zones get single detection point in Melbourne

Drivers will be able to use DRS for two consecutive straights in Melbourne if they’re close enough to the car in front at turn 14.

How the Red Bull RB8’s exhaust feeds its diffuser

The Red Bull RB8 sported an intricate new exhaust at the final test. John Beamer examines how it tries to replicate the effect of last year’s exhaust-blown diffusers.

Find a place to watch this year’s races with F1 in Pubs on F1 Fanatic

F1 Fanatic has teamed up with F1 in Pubs to help fans in the UK find a place to watch this year’s races live.

Horner plays down Red Bull-Hamilton connection

In the round-up: Christian Horner says it’s “difficult to envisage” Lewis Hamilton joining Red Bull.

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