Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Barcelona, 2012

Horner plays down Red Bull-Hamilton connection

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Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Barcelona, 2012
Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Barcelona, 2012
In the round-up: Christian Horner says it’s “difficult to envisage” Lewis Hamilton joining Red Bull.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Red Bull deny Hamilton interest (Daily Telegraph)

??I think that it’s difficult to envisage Lewis in our team. I think he?s comfortable in the environment he is in and we?re certainly comfortable with the two drivers we have.”

Finally back to racing! (Ferrari)

Fernando Alonso: “We definitely still need to improve a lot, working on our understanding of the F2012, adapting my driving style to a new car which, with the loss of aerodynamic downforce at the rear and the new Pirelli tyres, is a bit harder to drive. We know in which direction we need to go in terms of car development and that?s an important step.”

Marussia backs budget cap revival (Autosport)

Graeme Lowdon: “If this is the international championship of spending, then most teams are not equipped to excel in that field, and it is not clever ?ǣ nor very relevant to the business world our sponsors live in. So anything that promotes cost control is a good thing.”

Pit lane to football pitch: Fernandes’ plans for sporting success (CNN)

“I think [Vitaly Petrov] is as good a driver as Trulli, but he obviously brings a Russian commercial element.”

F1 2012: can anyone end Sebastian Vettel’s grip? (The Guardian)

“If the secret of sustained success in Formula One is creating the right combination of designer and driver, then what we are witnessing is a phenomenon to match that of Jim Clark and Colin Chapman, whose professional relationship in the 1960s established a standard to which all their successors aspire.”

Vijay Mallya pumps in $32 million into Force India (NDTV)

“Sahara Force India team principal Vijay Mallya has pumped in $32 million into his Formula One team ahead of the season opener in Melbourne on Sunday.”

Analysis: Force India VJM05 (Scarbs F1)

“By keeping the radiators and sidepod volume high and narrow, the resulting undercut in the sidepods flank creates the double floor effect and allows more airflow to pass directly over the top of the diffuser. Unlike Toro Rosso?s rounded interpretation of the undercut sidepod, FIF1?s has much flatter sides, particularly in the coke bottle region near the exhausts; the sidepod shape is particularly slim.”

Marussia not worried about KERS – Glock (ESPN)

“We have said that our focus is right to first get rid of the four seconds of aerodynamic deficit, before we worry about the money and the manpower we need for five tenths with the KERS.”

Labor MP Kelvin Thomson takes a swipe at Bernie Ecclestone’s ??billionaire bogan’ daughter, Tamara (Herald Sun)

“One thing I am absolutely sure of – there are better ways to spend $50 million, year in and year out, than bankrolling Bernie’s billionaire bogan.”

Comment of the day

Which of the McLaren drivers will do best this year is a subject that divided F1 Fanatic readers right down the middle yesterday.

Some tipped Hamilton to bounce back:

He had a tough season in 2011, but I expect him to return to form and edge out Button.

If he?s on form more often than not, then he should beat Button convincingly. Hamilton has better raw speed in my opinion.

Others reckon Button will exert superiority again:

Button has the upper hand here. I very much doubt that Hamilton?s cleared his head yet, and we all know that speed is no longer everything.

He?s confident, does well on new tyres, never make mistakes… Hamilton will probably improve from catastrophic last season, but that won?t be good enough to beat Button.

What do you think? You can cast your vote on them and all the other drivers here:

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On this day in F1

Fernando Alonso won his first race for Ferrari two years ago today in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel led much of the way before suffering an exhaust failure.

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